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    Resident Transfers to and from an AIMMC Residency Program



    To outline guidelines for resident transfers, ensuring compliance with requirements of the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME.)



    All Residency Programs will abide by the ACGME Resident Transfer Guidelines


    The ACGME "Glossary" contains the following definition of Transfer Resident:
    Residents are considered as transfer residents under several conditions including: moving from one program to another within the same or different sponsoring institution; when entering a PGY 2 program requiring a preliminary year even if the resident was simultaneously accepted into the preliminary PGY1 program and the PGY2 program as part of the match (e.g., accepted to both programs right out of medical school).

    Resident Transfer to an AIMMC Residency Program

    1. To be considered for a position in an AIMMC residency program, applicants with prior experience in another residency program(s) must fully meet the AIMMC eligibility requirements. Refer to guidelines in the AIMMC Resident Selection Eligibility Requirements policy (GE1.)
    2. When screening and selecting eligible applicants with prior residency education experience, the program will follow the guidelines outlined in the AIMMC Resident Selection Policy, ensuring consistent and non-discriminatory practices.
    3. In evaluating an applicant with prior residency education experience, and before offering a position into the program, the Program Director must obtain and review the following from each residency program where the applicant received training:
      • A written or electronic verification of the previous residency educational experience. This verification should include the applicant's standing in the program (i.e.: in good standing) and resident training years satisfactorily completed. If the transferring resident is currently in the program for the remaining part of the training year, the verification should comment on the rotations satisfactorily completed so far that year, and whether or not the program anticipates the resident will satisfactorily complete the training year.
      • A written or electronic summative competency-based evaluation of the applicant's performance in the residency program.

    Resident Transfer from an AIMMC Program

    1. For a resident transferring out of a AIMMC program prior to completion, the local Program Director will write, and retain the following in the resident's file:
      • Competency-based summative evaluation of the resident's performance in the program,
      • Statement of his/her standing in the program, and
      • Statement of the training years satisfactorily completed.
    2. The Program Director will discuss the written summative evaluation and verification of training with the transferring resident. A copy will be provided for the resident.
    3. Upon request for use by other residency programs, Program Directors will provide a timely written or electronic:
      • Verification of a resident's educational experiences in the program, including resident standing, training years satisfactorily completed, rotations satisfactorily completed if the resident is currently still in the program, and assessment as to whether it is anticipated the resident will satisfactorily complete the training year;
      • A competency-based summative evaluation of the resident's performance.


    1. The Program Director is responsible for:
      • Obtaining and reviewing verifications and summative competency-based evaluations for applicants with prior residency education experience,
      • Retaining verification of previous residency educational experiences and competency-based summative evaluations for residents who transfer into the AIMMC program,
      • Writing a summative evaluation for residents transferring out of an AIMMC program and discussing this with the resident,
      • Providing timely verifications and evaluations for requests from other programs for a resident transferring from, or previously in, an AIMMC program, and
      • Retaining files of residents who leave the program prior to completion.


    • ACGME website at http://www.acgme.org/ Institutional (III.B.7) and Common Program (III.C.1.and 2.) requirements
    • Sample documentation verifying resident standing in the program in the Program Director Guide to the Common Program Requirements on the ACGME website: http://www.acgme.org/
    • AIMMC GME Webpage - Policies & Procedures: GE1- Resident Selection and Eligibility Requirements policy.


    Approved by Education and Research Committee 02/04/09.

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