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ACGME Resident Survey Requirements



To ensure that Residents/Fellows and Program Directors comply with ACGME and GME Requirements for Resident/Fellow on-line Survey completion.



GME requires that every ACGME approved program meet the ACGME Resident Survey requirement and achieves 70% or more compliance on the survey.


Each year from January through early June, the ACGME requires residents and fellows (trainees) to complete an online survey. This survey takes trainees about 12 minutes to complete. The survey contains questions about their clinical and educational experience, as well as duty hours worked.

The ACGME notifies programs directly when their participation is required. This notification includes detailed information on accessing the survey and a deadline for completion. The ACGME contacts trainees directly. It is the program's responsibility to ensure their trainees complete the survey.

GME Responsibility

  1. GME notifies programs and sends reminders in addition to the notifications that are already sent by the ACGME.
  2. GME presents survey summary reports at the GMEC monthly meeting.
  3. Non-compliance in submitting a response report to the GMEC is handled as follows:
    • Programs are given 1 month to provide a response.
    • If no response, a letter is sent to the Program Director with a copy to the Department Chair.
    • Programs are given one more month to provide a response.
    • If still no response, a letter is sent to the Department Chair with a copy to the Program Director.

Program Responsibility

  1. The program director must review the "ACGME Resident Survey Tip Sheet" with the trainees to help them understand the questions that will be asked on the survey.
  2. Each program's currently active full- and part-time trainees are required to participate, and at least 70% participation is required.
  3. Programs may use e-mail to communicate with their trainees and may wish to forward them the notifications received from the ACGME.
  4. Programs can view (on-line through the Accreditation Data System (ADS) a list of trainees who have not yet completed the survey.
  5. Programs are responsible for ensuring their trainees complete the survey and meet the 70% participation requirement.
  6. After the survey period is over, GME requires programs to provide a response to all questions shaded in gray on the report.
  7. GME communicates with the programs to let them know when the response is due and when it will be presented to the Graduate Medical Education Committee (GMEC).
  8. If a program does not respond within one month of the original due date a letter will be sent from the DIO to the program director with a copy to the department chair.
  9. If there is still no response, another letter will be sent to the department chair until the response is submitted to GME for presentation to the GMEC.

For more information please refer to the ACGME website at
September 18, 2008 Special Message from Dr. Nasca

Approved by Education and Research Committee 4/1/09

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