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School Requirements:

Once a rotation is scheduled or approved, the following form and information must be submitted a minimum of two (2) weeks prior to the rotation start date. Information must be emailed to:

  • Clinical Requirements Form:
    The program coordinator/Dean must verify that all students and faculty/instructors have met the requirements and documents are on file with the school. Instances in which the request comes from an individual student, they have the option to have the program coordinator/Dean complete the verification form or submit copies to verify all requirements are met. Verification must be received to our office prior to the students starting on site.

  • Class Roster of all the students
  • Class Syllabus explaining course objectives, requirements, projects, etc.

Faculty Requirements

All faculty requirements and expectations are contained in the Faculty Guide.

Observational Experiences in Addition to Clinical Rotation

All requests for Observational Experiences:

  • Must be specified on the original Student Request for Clinical Rotation. Requests for observations received after the original request has been approved will not be considered.
  • The Observational Clinical Experience must be related to the "content of the class" and the decision to approve will be at the discretion of the Unit CNS.
  • In order to consider requests for additional clinical experiences in specialty units, only OBSERVATIONAL experiences will be permitted. One student per area, per school, per day may be considered.

The faculty or school is not allowed to contact the observational area or unit in an effort to schedule observational experiences for their students. The Clinical Affiliations Liaison will check for availability with the "requested area" and then the "requesting school" will receive notification on the Student Clinical Request Form whether or not the observation request is approved or denied.

Observational Experience Requirements

Once an Observational Experience is approved, faculty will be given the contact information for the particular unit/s and will be required to contact the CNS/and or Mgr of Observational Unit and Provide:

  • Letter from faculty explaining SPECIFIC observational learning experience
  • Start date and end date of observational experience
  • Hours of clinical experience
  • Clinical objectives during observational experience
  • Schedule of students listing name and dates of observation
  • Name and contact information of faculty

Changing or Cancelling a Scheduled Clinical Rotation

No changes within 30 days of start date will be considered. Cancellations or changes to a clinical request must be submitted to the Clinical Affiliations Coordinator as soon as possible. All changes must be submitted on the Change of Clinical Rotation form. Accommodating changes will be done to the best of our ability and at the discretion of the Clinical Affiliations Coordinator or department leadership. Please note however: Requesting a change may lead to cancellation of a clinical rotation. In rare situations in which we must cancel or change a rotation, alternative arrangements will be attempted and the school/student will be notified immediately.

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