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Areas of Concentration (AOC)ConferencesTeachingInpatient RotationsOutpatient Rotations
Average Number of Night ShiftsElectives

PGY1 Year

Family Medicine Service (FMS) 4 blocks
Hematology/Oncology 1 block
Intensive Care Unit (ICU) 1 block
Nesset Family Medicine Center (Continuity Practice) 1 half day/week
Nesset/Gynecology 1 1 block 
Nesset/Gynecology 2 1 block
Newborn Nursery 1 block
Ostetrics 2 blocks
Pediatrics 1 block
Surgery 1 block

PGY2 Year

Addiction Medicine 1 block
Elective 2 blocks
Emergency Medicine 2 blocks
Gastroenterology 1 block
Surgery 1 block
Infectious Disease 1 block
Procedures and Diagnostic Imaging 1 block
Nesset Family Medicine Center (Continuity Practice) 2-3 half days/week
Pediatrics 1 block
Family Medicine Service (FMS) 2 blocks
Sports Medicine 1 block

PGY3 Year

Dermatology 1 block
Elective x 4 (can be inpatient or outpatient)*  4 blocks
Family and Community Medicine 1 block
Family Medicine Center (Continuity Practice) 4 half days/week
Family Medicine Service (FMS) 1 block
Geriatrics 1 block
Neurology 1 block
Orthopedics 1 block
Otolaryngology/Ophthalmology 1 block
Outpatient Pediatrics 1 block
Urology 1 block

(*) If you'd like to do OB upon graduation, two of your electives will need to be OB

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