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Email Express is a service that allows you to stay in touch with the family member or friend who is an inpatient at Advocate Christ Medical Center. Your message and your email will be delivered by a volunteer to the patient you name. To deliver an email message, the person must be a current inpatient (overnight stay patient) at Advocate Christ Medical Center in Oak Lawn, Illinois. You must provide the patient's first and last name. In the event we need additional information to positively identify the patient we will contact you via email.

Messages will be reviewed and printed by staff in our Volunteer Services department. A printed copy of the message will be delivered Monday-Friday and distributed to patients within 1 business day of when they are received (with the exception of holidays). If we have no record of the patient, we will return the message to you.

Please keep in mind that your message is not private and secure, much like a postcard sent to the mail. Please do not include information that you would not wish to be viewed by others or is intended to be private. If the patient has already gone home by the time the message is received, the message will be mailed to their home. Please do not send other correspondence or inquiries to "email express"

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