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Our experience in being a leader

Advocate Health Care is the place for excellence. From our position as one of the Top 10 healthcare systems in the nation to the expertise of our Management professionals, we're the career destination for those who are born to be leaders. Each day we're dedicated to the support and growth of those who mentor and manage our teams, as well as the quality of our care. Whether it's our onsite Masters program or our host of advancement opportunities, you'll discover a management career full of promise at any level.

Learn more about the management opportunities available, and apply today.

Be a part of it all.

Join our Management team, and experience the life, learning, care, and community of the largest healthcare employer in the Chicagoland area. With a vacancy rate of 3.4%, which is five-percent lower than any other area medical centers, you'll discover why Advocate Health is a successful career destination. You'll also enjoy the benefits of a leading healthcare organization that follows a faith-based mission and healing philosophy that's provided quality care for over 100 years and counting.

Even the best leaders need a little direction.

At Advocate Health Care, we understand entering a management role in a new system can be challenging. That's why, we've put together a comprehensive program to make your transition as seamless as possible. Our New Leader Orientation Series is designed to provide you with the support you need from day one.

It all starts with meeting with CEO, Jim Skogsbergh and COO, Bill Santulli, as you discuss the expectations and goals of Advocate Health Care. Next you'll be introduced the various leadership technology tools designed to enhance your ability to succeed.

For the next several weeks, you'll attend courses that cover a variety of topics, procedures and situation analysis. From discovering your management style to learning about team dynamics to example role-playing, you'll be prepared to start a successful management career at a place where you can be a part of it all.

The Advocate Experience

Hear it first-hand from the people who enjoy the life, learning, caring and community of Advocate Health Care.

Kate K.
Director of Patient Safety & Regulatory Compliance
Advocate Oak Brook Support Center

At Advocate Health Care, there's an opportunity to really find what you need in your life, even at a Director's level. I started my career at Advocate over 18 years ago, and since then I've been presented with a great amount of professional opportunities and many personal options.

My career at Advocate began as a Director of Rehabilitation. I loved it. I remember being amazed at how fantastic the people were. From the physicians to the associates to the leaders, I could see the true benefits of being a part of a faith-based system. I proceeded to then further my range of capabilities by adding on occupational health, ambulatory service and patient satisfaction to my skill set. It was a true testament to how Advocate offers their leaders a chance to learn and grow within their specialty, as well as outside.

Advocate is such a large healthcare system. And when I decided to make a change in my career, I was able to take advantage of their wide network of resources. I transferred to a bigger Advocate facility because I wanted a bigger challenge. After some time, personal issues arose in my life and I had to seriously consider resigning. My VP was so supportive of whatever decision I made, but because she didn't want to lose me, she offered me a part-time position to accommodate my situation. She mentioned that any time I was ready to return to full-time, the door would be open. Bottom line, Advocate was there for me when I needed them the most - and it wouldn't be the only time.

I've had a few more challenges in my life, but Advocate always supported me every step of the way. They do so much to promote a healthy work/life balance. Now, I'm back to part-time again, and ever so thankful of an organization I will never leave.

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Mike R.
Clinical Manager
Advocate Lutheran General

I've been with Advocate Lutheran General for eight years now, but this last year as a manager has really been an eye-opening experience. I learned more about the system, the people, and myself than I ever thought possible. My new education started with the Advocate New Leadership Orientation. I learned about the finer details of what it takes to be a successful manager. Things that you don't realize while working the floor. It prepares you for the more significant elements of being a manager, as well as the day-to-day procedures that come along with the territory. I discovered important aspects of management style, the strategy of negotiating with patients and staff to ensure quality outcomes, and the best way to talk to people. The role-playing aspect of the program really helped me develop not only as manager, but as a person too. I feel that Advocate does a good job of teaching as well as listening. They're interested in my feedback, ideas and impressions of dealing with situations.

After going through this process, I feel that I'm a better communicator, a better listener, and a better professional. I'm still learning and growing as a manager, and it is overwhelming at times. But I know Advocate is there for me. I know the more responsibilities I take on and the larger my role becomes, I'm in good hands. I have the support, the tools and, most importantly, the open door to grow my team, impact my patients, and make a difference in the system's future.


Advocate Health Care is an Equal Opportunity Employer

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