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Nursing practice at Advocate Health Care; is nationally recognized as a leader in providing nursing excellence in patient care and clinical outcomes.


Congruent with the mission, values, and philosophy of the Advocate Health Care System, our philosophy of nursing and collective mission is to serve the health needs of individuals, families, and communities through a holistic philosophy rooted in our fundamental understanding of human beings as created in the image of God.  Our efforts are grounded in the values of compassion, equality, excellence, partnership, and stewardship and guided by the principles of human ecology, faith, and community-based health care.  Focus care efforts on prevention while promoting safe, seamless transitions across the continuum to provide patient care in the most optimum setting possible.

Nursing is an art and a science that responds to the human condition.  The nurse-patient interaction involves the whole person, focusing on body, mind, and spirit.  Nurses assess, analyze, plan, implement, and evaluate care based on the most current scientific evidence, while focusing care efforts on promoting safe, seamless transitions.  Patient outcomes are an effective measure of nursing practice; hence, nurses participate in systems to measure and improve these outcomes.

Evidence-based practice is implemented through a culture of shared decision making.  This culture includes a systematic process to achieve evidence-based practice change.  A spirit of inquiry is fostered and necessary resources are accessible to enable nurses to utilize research, conduct research, and disseminate nursing research findings.

Nurses require ongoing professional development.  Benner’s theory of professional growth is the foundation of our clinical advancement program.  This program empowers nurses to acquire the necessary skills to advance from novice to expert nursing practice.  Professional education is essential for the development and maintenance of competent and expert nurses.  Efforts are ongoing to develop and sustain standards of care that are congruent with current standards of national nursing organizations and the ANA Code of Ethics.

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