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 Trauma Day at Advocate CondellLibertyville High School students participate in Advocate Condell's first Trauma Day.

 It's a WowAdvocate Christ Medical Center's new, nine-story Outpatient Pavilion contains some of the most state-of-the-art technology available in the area and is home to outpatient surgery, comprehensive diagnostic imaging, an endoscopy (GI) center, physical therapy and other needed services. It also serves as the new location for our Heart and Vascular Institute, Cancer Institute and Neurosciences Institute. In addition to the vast amount of clinical services, the medical center has built many patient amenities into the facility, including comfortable family waiting areas, a retail pharmacy, a Courtyard CafĂ©, an innovative MRI Caring Suite, and many other convenient services.

 Tips for a healthier lifeAnne Lipira offers a few simple tips for a healthier life. These include: avoiding sugary drinks, eating more fruits and vegetables and being active.

 Cancer Institute Moves To New Outpatient PavilionThe Cancer Institute at Advocate Christ Medical Center in Oak Lawn, IL Has Relocated To The New Outpatient Pavilion

 Door to BalloonWhen having a heart attack, minutes count. Call 911.

 Atrial-Fibulation Ablation Procedure (Advocate Christ Medical Center)Dr. William Spear, a heart rhythm specialist, discusses the ideal candidate for a-fib ablation and explains the treatment process as well as how the procedure benefits the patient over the long term.

 Lowe iPad

 Kidney Transplant Services (Advocate Christ Medical Center)Dr. Deepak Mital, transplant surgeon and director of the Kidney Transplant Program at Advocate Christ Medical Center, explains the service offerings and advanced treatment options located throughout the Advocate system at various hospital locations.

 Diagnostic Imaging at Christ Outpatient Pavilion (Advocate Christ Medical Center)Thomas Jacobs, interim director of imaging services at Advocate Christ Medical Center, discusses the new, state-of-the-art diagnostic imaging equipment and advanced services offered at the Christ Outpatient Pavilion.

 Bone and Joint Institute (Advocate Christ Medical Center)Dr. Richard Lim, an orthopedic surgeon with Advocate Christ Medical Center, talks about the offerings at the Bone and Joint Institute and the multidisciplinary approach to orthopedic care.

 Christ Outpatient Pavilion's Cardiac Rehab Expansion (Advocate Christ Medical Center)Mark Parsons, coordinator of early cardiac care at Advocate Christ Medical Center, highlights the new offerings for cardiac rehab patients in the new Christ Outpatient Pavilion.

 iPod used in OR for knee replacement therapy (Advocate Christ Medical Center)Dr. George Branovacki, an orthopedic surgeon with Advocate Christ Medical Center, explains the patient benefits of using an iPod to perform knee replacement surgery.

 The 4 P's of Colonoscopy: Prep, Procedure, Polyps, and PreventionOkay, we've all heard we should start screening colonoscopies at 50, but what's it like? And what is a polyp? Dr. Kabir Julka, Gastroenterologist at Dreyer Medical Clinic in Aurora, IL, gives an overview of the colonoscopy procedure. Topics include the dreaded (but important) prep, what they look for, what they remove, and most importantly, what you won't remember and how quickly you can return to normal activities afterward.

 We Are Magnet again!Advocate Good Samaritan Hospital was re-certified as a Magnet hospital. This is the highest designation for nursing excellence.

 Stroke Patient Works to Get Life BackAfter suffering a major stroke, a Dolton, Illinois woman is determined to get her life back -- with support from her rehab team at Advocate Christ Medical Center. "Who asks to do homework after spending six hours in therapy?" speech therapist, Leigh Shea, inquires rhetorically. "Our patient, Felicia, does," Shea says. "Her positive attitude is why she has progressed so far. She is truly a model patient."

 Thoracic Cancer Care Services (Advocate Christ Medical Center)Dr. Paul Gordon, director of thoracic oncology services at Advocate Christ Medical Center, explains the advanced and comprehensive approach to cancer care.

 Elderly DrivingWhen is it time to hang up they keys? Dr. Mark Mroczko talks about some simple things that can be done to help elderly drivers stay safe while on the road.

 What is diabetesWhat is diabetes? How do you know if you have it? Dr. Liza Yambay with Advocate Medical Group tackles these questions and more.

 Thyroid HealthLearn more about what your thyroid does and some symptoms to look for that could indicate potential problems.

 What You Need To Know About Colon Cancer Prevention And DetectionDr. Rockford Yapp, a gastroenterologist at Advocate Good Samaritan Hospital, explains who should get a colonoscopy, how to reduce your risk factors for colon cancer and why you should not be afraid of having a colonoscopy.

 Identifying Atrial FibrillationIn an effort to help you identify A-fib, Dr. Mehran Jabbarzadeh, a cardiac electrophysiologist at Advocate Condell Medical Center, discusses the signs, symptoms and treatment options available.

 Better BeveragesWhat you drink is as important as what you eat. Water is still the best choice - its' a great way to watch your calories and helps keep you away from those sugary drinks.

 Have GERD? Know Your Treatment OptionsArun Ohri, MD, gastroenterologist at Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center's Digestive Health Institute, explains the treatment options for gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD).

 Easy Diet Changes to Keep Acid Reflux AwayAndrew Albert, MD, gastroenterologist at Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center's Digestive Health Institute, offers easy food substitution tips to keep your acid reflux under control.

 EUS, Endoscopic UltrasoundWhat is EUS, and what are the benefits?

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