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The Interim Care Program at nearby Advocate Eureka Hospital makes it easier for patients to receive skilled rehabilitative care when they are well enough to leave the acute care level but not well enough to return home. For these individuals, this program serves as an important bridge; providing essential medical care, while improving their physical, emotional and social functioning. Our team of doctors, nurses, social workers and rehabilitation therapists work together to maximize a patient's level of independence wherever they go after discharge. The program is patient-specific, with levels of care and services based upon individual needs. Patients and families are notified of the designated level of care before the patient's arrival.

Physician Care

Our physicians make regular rounds at the hospital, so they are involved in your care on a day-to-day basis. Throughout your recovery, we work closely with your physician and surgeon to ensure you receive the best care possible.

24-Hour Nursing Care

A team of dedicated nurses provides care around the clock for all patients recovering from orthopedic surgery. Highly skilled and versatile, they're trained to care for patients with varied medical histories, including chronic conditions and special needs.

On-Site Therapy

Physical and occupational therapy is available seven days a week to help speed recovery and improve healing. Because therapy treatment is provided right on the Eureka Hospital campus, there is no need for time-consuming, often painful transfers to other facilities for therapy.

In-Hospital Lab and X-Ray

The Interim Care Program gives you access to all Eureka Hospital services -- no waiting or transfers for lab work, diagnostic testing, x-rays, or other radiology services.

Electronic Medical Records

All charts are electronically stored on the computer, ensuring accurate and safe recordkeeping. Multiple medical professionals may access your records at the same time from the convenience of their office or home, any time day or night. In addition, your physicians, nurses, and therapists can access the latest test results, therapy progress notes, and physician orders faster and easier.

To find out more about the Interim Care Program at Advocate Eureka Hospital, call 309.467.2371, ext. 4511.