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safety: poisons

Do Not Touch: Poison Safety

Do you know what to do if someone is eats, drinks or spills something dangerous? Do you know how to tell what kinds of things are poisonous? Click your mouse over the rooms below to learn all about staying away from poisons. 

Poison Prevention

Safety Pills Medicine Cabinet Vitamins Phone Calendar Trash Door Purse Vitamins Cupboards Containers Chemicals Lock Plants Poison Prevention
Every year thousands of children under the age of five require emergency room treatment for poisonous ingestion. Many more are treated at home under the supervision of a poison control center. Most poisonings occur when the substance is being used. Many child poisonings can be prevented if parents & caregivers abide by the following suggestions.


  • Keep medications in the originally labeled containers.
  • Adults should avoid taking medicine in front of children.
  • Never give one person's prescription medicine to another person.

Medicine Cabinet
Keep medicines "out of reach, out of sight" in a locked cabinet. When you give medicine to a child, take the medicine to the child, rather than taking the child to the medicine.

Child resistant caps are not child-proof. Never call medicine - even vitamins - "candy" or make a game out of taking medicine.

Emergency Number
Keep the poison control center number by your phone.

Many poisonings occur when a household routine has been interrupted: guests, illness, holidays, etc.

Dispose of old or expired medications.

If the phone or doorbell rings - and you have medicine out - take it with you rather than leaving it in sight.

Avoid keeping medications in purses, briefcases, etc.

Keep medicines out of cupboards containing food.

Vitamins are considered medicine and should be treated as such. Taking too many, especially those containing iron, can be deadly for a child.

Never put chemicals in anything other than their original containers. Purchase these products in child-resistant containers.

Cleaning products, fertilizers, pesticides, bleach, car products & gasoline are examples of substances that can cause chemical poisoning if eaten. Remember that chemicals can also cause contact poisoning if spilled on the skin & eye injury if splashed in the eyes.

Store all chemicals out of sight & reach, preferably in a locked cupboard.

Make sure that home or yard plants are safe & non-toxic. Teach children to never eat leaves, berries or mushrooms they find in the yard or park.

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