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safety: toys

Playing It Safe: Toys

Have you ever wondered why some toys are labeled "Not for Children Under 3" or "For Ages 8+ Only"? Click your mouse over the rooms below to find out!

Toy Safety

Safety Books Doll 1 Rattle Doll 2 Toy Box Remote Control Car Scissors Markers Paints Room Gun Darts Trike Helmet Piano Balloon Toy Safety
Toy selection is an adult responsibility - not all toys on the market are safe. Carefully consider each toy before giving it to children & be sure to choose age appropriate toys.

Check toys for rough or sharp edges. Choose toys that are washable & durable.

Immediately discard any plastic packaging from a new toy. Be cautious of hand-made toys & toys purchased from craft shows.

Check toys for small pieces that might break off & cause choking. Find a website that lists children's toy & equipment recalls.

Pullstring Dolls
Toys with long strings or cords can cause strangulation.

Toy Boxes
Toy boxes should have lightweight lids that are easily opened from the inside & have a locking mechanism with "pinch-proof" hinges.

Mechanical Toys
Be sure battery operated toys have well-secured batteries & that screws are tight and not protruding.

It's important for children to develop cutting skills, but remind children that scissors are not toys & their use should be supervised.

Be sure all art materials are non-toxic & approved for use by children.

Be sure children know the proper techniques & safety precautions before allowing them to use toys & crafts.

Separate Room for Older Children
Provide areas for older children to use when they play with toys not appropriate for younger siblings.

Electric Toys
Electric toys should have the Underwriter's Approval on the cord.

Avoid toys that shoot "projectiles." Develop a family policy on "weapon" toys. Teach children not to point them at people, or use them to hurt people.

Arrows & Darts
Arrows & darts made for children should have blunt tips & be made from resilient materials such as rubber. Make sure the tips are secure.

Wheeled Toys
Supervise toddlers using riding toys outside & be sure riding toys hold child's weight.

Scooters, bikes, trikes & other wheeled toys should only be used if the rider is wearing a safety helmet.

Keep balloons away from young children & supervise older children during use.

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