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Spinning Program

Spinning Program Class Description*

*These programs are included with the Centre Club membership. For membership information call Advocate Condell Centre Club - Libertyville at 847.990.5750 or Advocate Condell Centre Club - Gurnee at 847.855.0700
  • Endurance
    Heart rate guidelines are 65-75% of target heart rate maximum. Endurance workouts will increase your aerobic foundation, increase metabolic efficiency and improve your ability to achieve a higher level of mental focus. Fat calories are the primary fuel source used in this energy zone.
  • Interval
    Heart rate guidelines are 65-92% target heart rate maximum. In an interval workout the body may train aerobically and anaerobically. The emphasis is on recovery rate after each bout of high intensity riding.
  • Journey
    90 minute training ride designed to challenge the individual's physical and mental stamina. Pit stop will be given at the 40 minute mark for those who do not want or need the extra training. Riders who stay will continue to ride 20 to 30 more minutes and the remainder of class will be devoted to core strength.
  • Race Day
    Heart rate guidelines are 80-92% of target heart rate maximum. This workout requires a substantial fitness base. Race Day training should not be conducted until at least two months of aerobic base building is completed. Race Day training allows the rider to feel what an actual race feels like. You need to be physically rested and mentally inspired.
  • Spin®
    The Spinning Program is a stationary biking class and is the industry's hottest fitness trend. This class will provide a fun and challenging cardio-vascular workout for all fitness levels. Once you have completed a Spinning orientation you are ready to follow along as your Group Exercise Leader takes you for a ride through the 'countryside' including flats, hills, climbs and more! The motivating music and group energy will take you to the TOP!!

*Bikes are available on a first come, first serve basis.
*Saving a bike for another member is not permitted.
*Please arrive early to set-up your bike.
*For safety reasons, NO-ONE will be admitted once the class is in session.
*Water bottles are mandatory, no open containers
*Please refrain from excessive talking during class.
*Class sizes are limited.

  • Strength
    Heart rate guidelines are 75 - 85% of target heart rate maximum. Profile focuses on slow, steady, hard resistance work to develop muscular endurance and power in the hills. There is a lot of burn in the muscle with the workout and recovery afterwards is recommended.
  • Stretch, Flex & More!
    Our flexibility naturally declines as we age. Tight hamstrings and/or hip flexors can contribute to lower back pain. This class will teach you how to stretch your muscles so that you maintain maximum flexibility and reduce your risk of injury. The focus will be on hamstrings, gluteal rotators, hip flexors and shoulders.
  • The lighter side of Spin
    Learn to Spin. Join us in this relaxed atmosphere of novice Spinners. Review bike set-up, Spin terminology, and fundamentals. Wear your workout clothes. Bring a water bottle and towel. As the music begins, you will start your Spin journey.

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