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techniques to help relieve pain during labor and birth

Because not all moms experience labor in the same way, we offer a variety of options for pain relief in order to help make your delivery as comfortable as possible. Discuss pain management options with your doctor during your prenatal visits to determine the right option for you.

Relaxation Techniques/Breathing Exercises

A mothers ability to understand what's occurring inside of her body and learn ways to help her body do what it was designed to do is vital during childbirth. Various breathing methods include, but are not limited to, Lamaze, Bradley and Gamper.

Hydrotherapy tub
Drawing a bath at the end of the day can be the ultimate way to wash away tension and offer relaxation. Hydrotherapy, or use of a labor tub, uses this same concept. In a labor tub, gentle warm water immerses the expectant mother, helping ease her anxiety and discomfort. Buoyancy in the labor tub allows for an almost weightless feeling and reduces gravitational pull, helping lessen labor pain.

Birthing ball

The birthing ball aids expectant mothers during labor by helping them get into positions that help labor progress and align the baby in the pelvis properly. By learning various positions on the ball, expectant mothers can ease the pain of contractions, as well as relieve backache, anxiety and aching leg discomfort.

Narcotic Analgesics

Unlike a regional block, a narcotic analgesic will reduce your entire body's ability to sense pain or discomfort. These medications are administered through a shot or IV and will wear off within a few hours

Epidural anesthesia

Epidural anesthesia for pain relief during labor is available 24 hours with a physician order.

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