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Marie F Wadas, M.D.  - Cardiology Robert M Welch, M.D.  - Orthopedic Surgery
Ermil M Wagner, D.O.  - Family Medicine Jeffrey M Wener, M.D.  - Obstetrics & Gynecology
Richard M Wagner, M.D.  - Psychiatry Witoon M Weraarchakul, M.D.  - Cardiology
Mona F Waheed, M.D.  - Family Medicine Phillip M Werner, M.D.  - Endocrinology
William M Wai, M.D.  - Pediatrics Peter M Werner, M.D.  - Pulmonology
Cynthia F Waickus, M.D.  - Family Medicine Christal F West, M.D.  - Obstetrics & Gynecology
Thomas M Waidzunas, M.D.  - Family Medicine Paul M West, M.D.  - Urology
Cynthia F Wait, M.D.  - Gastroenterology Derek M West, M.D.  - Radiology-Interventional
David M Waitley, M.D.  - Infectious Disease Thomas M Weyburn, D.O.  - Oncology-Hematology
Ann F Walczynski, M.D.  - Psychiatry Wendell M Wheeler, M.D.  - Pediatrics
Theresa F Walden, M.D.  - Family Medicine Nancy F Whereatt, M.D.  - General Surgery
Kevin M Waldron, M.D.  - Neurosurgery Thomas M White, M.D.  - Orthopedic Surgery
Nan F Walicki, M.D.  - Pediatrics John M White, M.D.  - Vascular Surgery
Aijaz M Walji, M.D.  - Pediatrics Karen F Whitehorn, M.D.  - Internal Medicine
Terrence M Wall, D.D.S.  - Dentistry-Oral/Maxillofacial Surgery Bonnie F Whyte, Ph.D.  - Psychology
Lance M Wallace, M.D.  - Internal Medicine Melvin M Wichter, M.D.  - Neurology
Diane F Wallis, M.D.  - Cardiology Margaret F Wiedmann, M.D.  - Family Medicine
Jami M Walloch, M.D.  - Pathology Richard M Wiet, M.D.  - Otolaryngology
David M Walner, M.D.  - Pediatric-Otolaryngology Stephen M Wiet, M.D., FACC, FSCAI  - Cardiology
Miroslaw M Walo, M.D.  - Psychiatry Herbert M Wigder, M.D.  - Emergency Medicine
James M Walsh, M.D.  - Cardiovascular & Thoracic Surgery James M Wilcox, D.O.  - Family Medicine
Kevin M Walsh, M.D.  - Orthopedic Surgery Richard M Wilczynski, D.P.M.  - Podiatric Medicine & Surgery
Curtis M Walsh, M.D.  - Otolaryngology William M Wilkens, M.D.  - Pathology
Lori F Walsh, M.D.  - Pediatrics Karen F Will, D.O.  - Family Medicine
Beth F Walsh, M.D.  - Pediatrics William M Will, M.D.  - Internal Medicine
Michael M Walsh, M.D.  - Neurosurgery Edwin M Willgress, M.D.  - Radiology-Diagnostic
John M Wander, M.D., F.A.C.S.  - General Surgery Craig M Williams, M.D.  - Orthopedic Surgery
Alan M Wang, M.D.  - Gastroenterology Donna F Williams, D.O.  - Family Medicine
Ralph M Wang, M.D.  - Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Herlanders F Williams, M.D.  - Obstetrics & Gynecology
Josephine F Wang, M.D.  - Allergy/Immunology Keith M Williams, M.D.  - Pediatrics
Romuald M Warakomski, D.O.  - Internal Medicine Wayne M Williamson, M.D.  - Internal Medicine
Michael M Ward, M.D.  - Family Medicine Nikita F Williamson, M.D.  - Pediatrics
Steven M Wardell, M.D.  - Orthopedic Surgery Alan M Wilson, M.D.  - Internal Medicine
Pamela F Warnick, M.D.  - Infectious Disease John M Wilson, M.D.  - Neurology
Mitchell M Warren, M.D.  - Ophthalmology-General John M Wilson, M.D.  - Ophthalmology-Retinal/Surgery
Richard M Warren, M.D.  - Oncology-Hematology Deborah F Winiger, M.D.  - Family Medicine
Ann F Warren, M.D.  - Obstetrics & Gynecology John M Winkler, M.D.  - Ophthalmology-General
Terri F Washington, M.D.  - Endocrinology Griff M Winters, D.P.M.  - Podiatric Medicine & Surgery
Michael M Wasserman, M.D.  - Neurology Lexy F Wistenberg, M.D.  - Internal Medicine
William M Watson, M.D.  - General Surgery Robert M Witkowski, M.D.  - General Surgery
Carla F Watson, M.D.  - Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation William M Wittert, M.D.  - Pediatrics
Donald M Waxler, M.D.  - Radiology-Diagnostic Justin M Wittkopf, M.D.  - Otolaryngology
Hesham M Wazwaz, M.D.  - Internal Medicine Steven M Witzel, M.D.  - Internal Medicine
Stephanie F Weaver, M.D.  - Internal Medicine Craig M Wlodarek, M.D.  - Neurology
Heather F Weber, M.D.  - Family Medicine Myron M Wolf, D.P.M.  - Podiatric Medicine & Surgery
Thomas M Weber, M.D.  - Pediatric-General Surgery Steven M Wolf, M.D.  - Internal Medicine
Richard M Weber, PsyD  - Psychology Robert M Wolf, D.D.S.  - Dentistry-Oral/Maxillofacial Surgery
Daniel M Weber, M.D.  - Orthopedic Surgery Steven M Wolf, M.D.  - Neurology
David M Wechter, M.D.  - Internal Medicine Richard M Wolfe, M.D.  - Family Medicine
James M Weese, M.D.  - Oncology-Surgical Susanne F Woloson, M.D., PhD  - Vascular Surgery
Thomas M Weigel, M.D.  - Pediatric-Cardiology Karen F Wolowick, D.O.  - Obstetrics & Gynecology
Frederick M Weil, D.P.M.  - Podiatric Medicine & Surgery Katy F Wong, M.D.  - Rheumatology
Jeffrey M Weinberg, M.D.  - Internal Medicine Sarah F Wong, M.D.  - Obstetrics & Gynecology
Glenn M Weiner, D.O.  - Rheumatology Michael M Wood, D.P.M.  - Podiatric Medicine & Surgery
Martin M Weiner, M.D.  - Obstetrics & Gynecology Qeena F Woodard, D.P.M.  - Podiatric Medicine & Surgery
Lawrence M Weiner, M.D.  - Internal Medicine Rita F Woods, M.D.  - Internal Medicine
Jordan M Weinstein, M.D.  - Cardiology Daniel M Wool, M.D.  - General Surgery
Charlene F Weisberg, M.D.  - Pediatrics John M Wray, D.P.M.  - Podiatric Medicine & Surgery
Lise F Weisberger, M.D.  - Family Medicine J Gordon M Wright, M.D.  - Vascular Surgery
Robert M Weisman, M.D.  - Colorectal Surgery Ning M Wu, M.D.  - Urology
Regis M Weiss, M.D.  - Oncology-Gynecology Brian M Wu, M.D.  - Internal Medicine
Glenn M Weiss, M.D.  - Family Medicine Stephanie F Wu, D.P.M.  - Podiatric Medicine & Surgery
Shana F Weiss, M.D.  - Internal Medicine Peter M Wuertz, M.D.  - Anesthesiology
Mark M Weiss, M.D.  - Pediatrics Jonathan M Wyatt, M.D.  - Pain Management
Raymond M Weiss, M.D.  - Internal Medicine George M Wyhinny, M.D.  - Ophthalmology-Retinal/Surgery
Everett M Weiss, M.D.  - Pediatrics Patricia F Wyhinny, M.D.  - Dermatology
Reuben M Weisz, M.D.  - Neurology Nicole F Wysocki, M.D.  - Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

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