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Cardiovascular Services at Advocate Eureka Hospital

Quality Cardiovascular Care Close to Home
Advocate Eureka Hospital is committed to serving the cardiovascular needs of our area. We make heart care as convenient as possible, providing a range of services and cardiac expertise you can count on to keep your heart healthy.

For quality heart care close to home, look to us for professional, customized and compassionate cardiovascular services—backed by the Advocate reputation for quality healthcare.

  Why Choose Advocate Eureka Hospital

We provide expert cardiovascular services close to home, including:

  • Access to visiting cardiologists and pulmonologists from Advocate Medical Group's Illinois Heart & Lung Associates
  • A range of cardiopulmonary diagnostic tests and treatments—tailored to your specific needs
  • Phase II & Phase III cardiac rehabilitation programs to help patients return to a healthy, active lifestyle after heart attack, surgery or other cardiac event
  • Round-the-clock emergency services
  • DNV Healthcare accreditation--demonstrating our commitment to the highest level of care for our patients

Heart Conditions We Treat

Our cardiovascular experts are skilled at treating a wide range of cardiovascular conditions, including:

Services and Treatments

Our trained technician administers all cardiopulmonary tests at Eureka Hospital and assists in a post-surgical recovery program tailored to your needs. Services offered include:

Meet Our Care Team

In addition to our own experienced emergency personnel, trained nurses & technicians and cardiac rehabilitation specialists, Eureka Hospital also hosts visiting cardiologists from Advocate Medical Group's Illinois Heart & Lung Associates on Wednesday and Friday afternoons. Call 309.467.2371, ext. 4021 to schedule an appointment.


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101 S. Major Street
Eureka, Illinois 61530
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