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Building on Excellence - Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Advocate BroMenn Medical Center planning a new patient care wing?

As the region's preferred provider of highest quality healthcare services, BroMenn has cast a plan that will create a modern healing environment for its patients, families, and caregivers. The new Mother Baby Unit and Critical Care units will replace facilities built 30-40 years ago. The plan is synchronized with the major expansion completed in 2003 that constructed a larger Emergency Department, a Heart Center, and a Women's Center at BroMenn.

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How will the new patient care wing improve service?

The new facility will model 21st century patient-centered care that incorporates patient satisfaction, family comfort and participation, physician and staff support, and operational efficiency . All patient rooms will be private, and they will be twice the size of the rooms they will replace to accommodate advancements in medical technology, bedside care, and patients' personal needs.

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Why not build a new hospital in an east side location?

BroMenn is the lynchpin of the communities of Bloomington and Normal. The organization is proud of its rich heritage and its historic location. BroMenn works closely with its neighbors, other private citizens, the two universities, and nearby businesses to maintain an attractive campus. As a community partner, BroMenn has been at the forefront of the Main Street Corridor Task Force. Building a new hospital elsewhere would cost in excess of $455 million. BroMenn believes its roots and tradition are at its existing campus.

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How long will the construction take?

Construction is expected to take up to 24 months and will commence after the completion of a comprehensive planning process, now underway. BroMenn anticipates the project to be completed by 2012.


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Why is the patient tower being located on the western face of the medical center?

The existing Mother Baby Unit and Critical Care units are a distance from other key support services, and access to and from these units is through a series of walkways and connecting ramps. The new patient tower will be strategically located adjacent to key services that support patient care, particularly for patients requiring intensive care. Those services include the OR, the Heart Center, and the Emergency Department.

When seconds matter, successful outcomes are dependent on having patients close to these services.

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What about parking?

Two floors of parking recently added to MedPark 6, the existing parking deck located on Virginia Avenue. In addition, free valet parking remains available.

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How much will the new construction cost?

We anticipate the cost to be $67.3 million. This will include the cost to construct a 79,000 square-foot patient tower (on the southwest face of Advocate BroMenn Medical Center), build parking accommodations, and complete necessary utility work.

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Does this mean patients will pay more for care?

The new construction at BroMenn will not increase patient costs. In fact, patients will get larger private rooms in the new facility at no extra cost. Because of modern design, the facility will be much more efficient and cost far less to operate.

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How will BroMenn pay for the project?

The new addition will be funded primarily with long-term bond issue and a community-based philanthropic support program.

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Why is a community campaign needed?

Community philanthropic support is vital to the project's overall financial structure. Proceeds from the campaign will ensure the project's financing plan is sustainable. Further, continued philanthropy means that BroMenn will enjoy favorable consideration in the bond market.

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Can my family support a specific area?

There are many naming opportunities. You may wish to make a gift in memory or in honor of a family or a loved one. A representative of the Office of Charitable Giving will be happy to discuss these opportunities with you.

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How can I help?

Contact the Office of Charitable Giving at 309.268.5966 or visit our How to Help page.

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