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make a gift to South Suburban Hospital

From patient to superhero:
Patricia Lundstrom fought cancer and found the care and compassion she needed for the fight close to home. 

Charitable gifts are vital to the hospital

Philanthropy plays an important role at Advocate South Suburban Hospital. Your gift will help us advance our capabilities, attract and retain outstanding health professionals and reach out with the extra measure of care that will never be optional. Past community support has helped elevate services such as the Sexual Assault Treatment Program — one of the only one of its kind in Illinois — and community health outreach. Charitable donations from people like you have also helped build a state-of-the-art Intensive Care Unit and continue to support the development of a Heart and Vascular Center.


Philanthropy news and events at South Suburban Hospital

Funding opportunities

Below is a list of programs at South Suburban Hospital that currently need your support

Birthing Simulator

Philanthropy will enable us to acquire life-like birthing and neo-natal simulators, which will be used to train caregivers for obstetric emergencies through practice drills. With improved confidence and preparedness, caregivers will be able to provide the best and safest care possible to patients.

Community Health and Wellness Programs

Better community outreach doesn't just mean healthier neighborhoods. It also reduces the strain on our emergency facilities and helps lower health care costs for all of us. Your contribution to South Suburban's Community Health and Wellness Programs helps support preventive outreach to our underserved populations. Education, health screenings and many routine treatments are provided in partnership with faith communities, schools and other local organizations.
  • Asthma Education
    A chronic disease that causes pain, loss of productivity and even death, asthma is a problem that can be self-managed. Gifts to this program help the hospital's respiratory therapists hold extensive education programs in more than 13 schools serving 415 students in grades 3-5. Each six-session program teaches children how to control their asthma. Through take-home questionnaires and presentations to parent/teacher organizations, educational opportunities are extended to parents and other family members.

    Funds contributed to this priority will allow South Suburban Hospital to continue to provide extensive asthma community education programs supporting professional staff and supplies. Through the program, which is targeted to young asthmatics and adult caregivers such as their parents, teachers and coaches, patients learn about asthma triggers and management tools.

Emergency Department Services

Help South Suburban Hospital's emergency department provide highly skilled care in a respectful, comfortable environment with a gift to this fund. Your support for innovative features—including private treatment rooms (much like a doctor's office) and a comfortable, family friendly waiting area with a special place for children to play—allows our patients some respite in times of crisis. Funds contributed to this priority allowed South Suburban Hospital to finish the first phase of the renovation and expansion of its emergency room. Yet, the community's needs are greater still causing an ER built for 28,000 patients annually to now be serving almost 46,000 people per year. Future plans include adding additional exam rooms and purchasing new equipment.
  • Sexual Assault Treatment Program
    Gifts to this fund help provide immediate, compassionate care to patients who have been sexually assaulted, decreasing the trauma they experience.

Heart and Vascular

South Suburban Hospital's cardiac services are among the best in the area-and they are about to get even better. To meet the growing needs of the community, the hospital is adding an interventional radiology suite and a new Heart and Vascular Center. Charitable gifts are being sought to support the new outpatient facility, which will provide a full continuum of services that combines education, prevention and screening with superior diagnostics and medical/surgical treatments in a patient-friendly environment.
  • Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation Program
    Patients with coronary heart and lung disease often need comprehensive rehabilitation services. At South Suburban, program participants receive personal attention from a multidisciplinary team of health care professionals working together to provide complete care. Your philanthropy supports an intensive, 12-week pulmonary rehab program designed to help people with emphysema, chronic bronchitis, asthma and other pulmonary problems.
  • Congestive Heart Failure
    Your contribution will enhance the care of the more than 700 patients a year diagnosed with weakened heart tissue. Patient education tools are vital: blood pressure equipment, scales to monitor rapid weight gain and educational resource materials including books, pamphlets and videos for patients.


  • Women's Breast Health Resource Center
    South Suburban Hospital's new Breast Health Resource Center is designed to help women become more proactive about breast cancer prevention, early detection and treatment. Your support will centralize the diagnostic services and treatment for breast cancer patients as well as provide access to educational opportunities such as self-examination brochures, materials for spouses and family members and patient support groups. The center offers access to new demonstration models, home practice kits and special materials for Latinas and women with literacy problems.

Orthopedic Center for Excellence

Pain and other problems with muscles, bones and joints are among the top reasons people visit a physician. Whether they’re due to injury, disease or everyday wear and tear, orthopedic conditions afflict hundreds of millions of children, adults and seniors. Orthopedic issues increase with age, however, and are becoming more prevalent as the baby-boom generation enters its seventh decade.

To meet growing demand for these services and harness the talent of our highly trained orthopedic surgeons and physicians, Advocate South Suburban Hospital is developing an Orthopedic Center of Excellence. The Center will include a robust sports medicine program and will offer orthopedic surgery in updated operating rooms.


South Suburban Hospital is partnering with Advocate Hope Children’s Hospital to expand its pediatric services and open a new children’s unit. The child-friendly, family-centered 10-bed unit will provide compassionate care for an anticipated 1,100 sick or injured Southland children who would otherwise be transferred outside of our community or admitted to an adult unit. In addition to being staffed by board certified primary care physicians, the pediatric unit will also provide patients with access to a number of pediatric specialists, when more specialized care is needed. Philanthropic gifts to our new pediatric unit will help the hospital transform a wing on its second floor into a dedicated, child centered space to provide quality pediatric services. Charitable donations will also help us to train our nurses in pediatric care so they can provide support services to better serve children and their families.

Special Needs for South Suburban Hospital

Gifts to this fund provide resources and flexibility to respond quickly to new ideas and programs that support the hospital’s strategic directions.

Skilled Nursing Facility

South Suburban Hospital's Skilled Nursing Facility is one of the last remaining hospital-based facilities in Illinois. It serves as a bridge of care for patients who no longer need acute hospital care, but still require specialized nursing services before going home. The goal is to help patients achieve their maximum potential for health and independence—while also improving morale. In addition to physical, occupational and speech therapy, our nurses treat the human spirit through programs like pet therapy and spa days.

Contact us

Would you like to speak with someone about making your gift? We would be happy to speak with you further about how your charitable giving can make an impact at South Suburban Hospital.

Melissa Barrett
Director of Development

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