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Thank you, volunteers; Good Samaritan honors volunteers at recognition breakfast.
Downers Grove, Ill. (April 5, 2008) —
The Advocate Good Samaritan Hospital Volunteer Services Department will host its 32nd Annual Volunteer Recognition Breakfast on Saturday, April 12, from 9 to 11:30 a.m. at the Drury Lane, Oakbrook Terrace.
“The volunteers provide a variety of services to Good Samaritan, everything from walk-around jobs to sit-down jobs,” explains Sharon Bodziak, Volunteer Services Manager. “There’s something for everyone,” she says.
At this year’s breakfast, 442 volunteers will be honored for contributing over 60,472 hours of time and talent to the hospital during 2007. In addition, six deserving teen Candy Striper volunteers, all planning on entering a healthcare field, will each be awarded $1000 scholarships.
“The volunteers of Good Samaritan act as Eucharistic Ministers and pet therapists; provide staffing for blood drives, the information desks, the surgical reception area, the gift and resale shops; visit hospital patients; craft hand-made items such as baby hats; and provide clerical and greeter assistance,” says Bodziak.
Two of the volunteers recently were awarded the hospital’s Mission, Values and Philosophy (MVP) award for their work in developing Clara’s Closet, the Auxiliary’s vintage fashion clothing show. The Auxiliary is the fundraising arm of the volunteers.
Beth Dreiling, Downers Grove, and Donna Wadycki, Westmont, assembled the Clara’s Closet fashions primarily from vintage clothing donated through the Auxiliary’s resale shop, the Gingham Tree.
“The volunteers are our helping hands; men, women and teens, many of whom have discovered friendships and fun while serving the hospital,” says Bodziak. “The breakfast is a small way of honoring the contributions they make.”
For more information on volunteer opportunities at Good Samaritan Hospital, contact the volunteer services department at 630.275.1181.
Advocate Good Samaritan Hospital thanks all its volunteers for the contributions they make to the hospital.
Betty Corum, Addison
Sharon Fernandez, Aurora
Silvio Marchese, Bloomingdale
Bettye Engel, Bolingbrook
Donna Homner, Bolingbrook
Irene Jakusz, Bolingbrook
Brybena Jennings, Bolingbrook
Gerri Aichinger, Burr Ridge
Stephanie Senters, Burr Ridge
Bhumi Patel, Carol Stream
Fenil Patel, Carol Stream
Harriet Budniak, Clarendon Hills
Marrietta Sorensen, Clarendon Hills
Stan Wojteczko, Clarendon Hills
Ameen Ahmed, Darien
Diana Alday, Darien
Donna Angeleri, Darien
Wasan Baloch, Darien
Irene Bell, Darien
Madeline Berg, Darien
Ronald Caruso, Darien
Robert Cima, Darien
Betty DeRenzo, Darien
Amish Dudeja, Darien
Jane Elsner, Darien
John Farrell, Darien
Joyce Hill, Darien
William Hintz, Darien
Connie James, Darien
Onchuma Kaenkumchorn, Darien
Florence Kamradt, Darien
Cheryl Kehl, Darien
Christina Kehl, Darien
Carol Koizumi, Darien
Gerald Kucera, Darien
Aastha Kukreja, Darien
Joan Kulovitz, Darien
JoAnn Lipinski, Darien
Mary Ann McDonnell, Darien
Joey McNeil, Darien
Amanda Miller, Darien
Frances Miller, Darien
Oriana Moccio, Darien
Jane Motl, Darien
Ausra Paronis, Darien
Harshni Patel, Darien
Riken Patel, Darien
Fidelita Ramos, Darien
Joan Righton, Darien
Audrey Scott, Darien
Irene Spaetzel, Darien
Laura Vlk, Darien
Diane Scardigli, Darien
Esther Adams, Downers Grove
Shabnam Ahmed, Downers Grove
Omolade Akinremi, Downers Grove
Gloria Anderson, Downers Grove
Arline Andrle, Downers Grove
Patricia Augustine-Tkac, Downers Grove
Patricia Baier, Downers Grove
Evangeline Bailey, Downers Grove
Gigi Barry, Downers Grove
Marjorie Becker, Downers Grove
Carol Benes, Downers Grove
Richard Benes, Downers Grove
Rosemary Bennett, Downers Grove
Elaine Berberich, Downers Grove
Craig Berger, Downers Grove
Debra Biela, Downers Grove
Elizabeth Bien, Downers Grove
Carol Biwer, Downers Grove
Rita Blaney, Downers Grove
Florita Bohan, Downers Grove
Linda Breagel, Downers Grove
Peggy Bronson, Downers Grove
Elaine Bryar, Downers Grove
Stella Bucki, Downers Grove
Maureen Budinger, Downers Grove
Gladys Bullard, Downers Grove
Shelby Bulut, Downers Grove
Maureen Burke, Downers Grove
Mary Burruss, Downers Grove
Mary Busse, Downers Grove
Barbara Calvert, Downers Grove
Sueyang Ching, Downers Grove
Michael Chmielewski, Downers Grove
Clara Christiaens, Downers Grove
Elizabeth Colello, Downers Grove
Carol Conger, Downers Grove
Sydney Daley, Downers Grove
Martha DeFily, Downers Grove
Edyth Dethke, Downers Grove
Lorraine Doskocil, Downers Grove
Downers Grove South High School Special Needs Students (Bill Gronko), Downers Grove
Beth Dreiling, Downers Grove
James Eberlin, Downers Grove
Jonathan Eby, Downers Grove
Arlene Eckmann, Downers Grove
Virginia Everhart, Downers Grove
Eugene Flaherty, Downers Grove
Marie Flaherty, Downers Grove
Thomas Fricke, Downers Grove
Nancy Fritts, Downers Grove
Judy Fromknecht, Downers Grove
Lucille Fuhrmann, Downers Grove
Emma Fuller, Downers Grove
Mary Gallahue, Downers Grove
Sarah Gargula, Downers Grove
Virginia Gilleece, Downers Grove
Donna Godel, Downers Grove
Annette Goetz, Downers Grove
Patricia Gorski, Downers Grove
Susan Gowgiel, Downers Grove
Thomas Gowgiel, Downers Grove
Betty Grames, Downers Grove
Jackie Griffith, Downers Grove
Margaret Gross, Downers Grove
Jeanne Henderson, Downers Grove
Elizabeth Holland, Downers Grove
Marcia Hoshi, Downers Grove
Helena In'tVeld, Downers Grove
Wanda Jachcinski, Downers Grove
Becky Jankowski, Downers Grove
Rahul Kamath, Downers Grove
Paula Kelly, Downers Grove
Veena Khanna, Downers Grove
Reem Kieso, Downers Grove
Mary Lou King, Downers Grove
Patricia Kirkland, Downers Grove
Janet Knudsen, Downers Grove
Catherine Kobor, Downers Grove
Dolores Kondraschow, Downers Grove
Judith Kovack, Downers Grove
Frank Kozar, Downers Grove
Dee Galloway Kribs, Downers Grove
William Kribs, Downers Grove
Florence Kricensky, Downers Grove
Linda Kruse, Downers Grove
Stefania Ksel, Downers Grove
Barbara Ksiazek, Downers Grove
Josephine Kufrin, Downers Grove
Bernadette Kus, Downers Grove
Beverly Lashus, Downers Grove
Steven Leonardi, Downers Grove
Asha Limaye, Downers Grove
Mary Ann Lisner, Downers Grove
Albert Lorch, Downers Grove
Patricia Lorch, Downers Grove
Helen Lynch, Downers Grove
Betty Marcham, Downers Grove
Mary Marsan, Downers Grove
Melanie Mauser, Downers Grove
Marilyn McCaffrey, Downers Grove
Richard McCracken, Downers Grove
Sue McGinnis, Downers Grove
Mary McGrath, Downers Grove
Henrietta McKenzie, Downers Grove
Elaine Meaden, Downers Grove
Pamela Mellin, Downers Grove
Patricia Metzger-Noonan, Downers Grove
Joan Meyer, Downers Grove
Barbara Jo Miller, Downers Grove
Janet Mini, Downers Grove
Gail Miskowicz-Retz, Downers Grove
Lynn Murphy, Downers Grove
Helen Myers, Downers Grove
Marina Natsis, Downers Grove
Hazel Nelson, Downers Grove
Marietta Norvid, Downers Grove
Mary OConnor, Downers Grove
Marianne Ogren, Downers Grove
Melissa Osika, Downers Grove
Adelaide Packard, Downers Grove
Joyce Paprocki, Downers Grove
Shirley Pasakarnis, Downers Grove
Debra Paulsen, Downers Grove
Terry Petrich, Downers Grove
Dolores Poloncsik, Downers Grove
Kamla Raina, Downers Grove
Joseph Ream, Downers Grove
Alyssa Roach, Downers Grove
Dorothy Rohrbacher, Downers Grove
Dolores Ronaldson, Downers Grove
Nima Roselund, Downers Grove
Judy Russ, Downers Grove
Susan Satterthwaite, Downers Grove
Dolores Scherff, Downers Grove
Harriet Schmidt, Downers Grove
Laurel Schmitt, Downers Grove
Marilyn Seelander, Downers Grove
Laureen Seils, Downers Grove
Frances Seratt, Downers Grove
Harold Sewick, Downers Grove
Jessie Seymour, Downers Grove
Nancy Shack, Downers Grove
Ami Shah, Downers Grove
Bela Shah, Downers Grove
Arvilla Smeltzer, Downers Grove
Phyllis Smetters, Downers Grove
Albert Smith, Downers Grove
Dorothy Smith, Downers Grove
Amanda Snell, Downers Grove
Pooja Solanki, Downers Grove
Ann Spotts, Downers Grove
Thomas Staray, Downers Grove
Linda Steed, Downers Grove
Evelyn Lynn Sullivan, Downers Grove
Donald Sulzer, Downers Grove
Josephine Sulzer, Downers Grove
Patricia Swenson, Downers Grove
Gary Tan, Downers Grove
Nick Tardi, Downers Grove
Eleanor Tauscher, Downers Grove
Rebecca Taylor, Downers Grove
Amanda Tenerelli, Downers Grove
Mildred Toler, Downers Grove
Christine Tyl, Downers Grove
Janet Verveer, Downers Grove
Ruth Vorwick, Downers Grove
Barbara Walczak, Downers Grove
Jeanne Walsh, Downers Grove
Ashley Warmoth, Downers Grove
Beth Wasilowski, Downers Grove
Mary Helen Watson, Downers Grove
Shirlee Weaver, Downers Grove
Florence Wentworth, Downers Grove
Marilyn Wilgocki, Downers Grove
Arlene Williams, Downers Grove
Deborah Williams, Downers Grove
Alice Wong, Downers Grove
Sue Wozniak, Downers Grove
Gun Zin Zhang, Downers Grove
William Zumstein, Downers Grove
Anthony Skrzypczynski, Downers Grove
Sachin Shah, Elk Grove Village
Raven Simpson, Forest Park
Meenu Anwar, Glen Ellyn
Margaret Capenigro, Glen Ellyn
Joseph Esposito, Glen Ellyn
Salvatore Falbo, Glen Ellyn
James Griffin, Glen Ellyn
Owais Hameed, Glen Ellyn
Carol Howard, Glen Ellyn
Aliya Jabeen, Glen Ellyn
Helen Kurnik, Glen Ellyn
Noreen LeClaire, Glen Ellyn
Janet McAuliffe, Glen Ellyn
Claire Nelson, Glen Ellyn
Hannah Song, Glen Ellyn
Jonnah Song, Glen Ellyn
Nicholas Sousa, Glen Ellyn
Dorothy Wall, Glen Ellyn
Samantha Williams, Glen Ellyn
Vivian Yang, Glen Ellyn
Mir Zulqarnain, Glen Ellyn
Amara Aziz, Glendale Hts
Rosemary Daniels, Hinsdale
Cecilia Hernandez, Hinsdale
Rosemary Kerrigan, Hinsdale
Vera McCabe, Hinsdale
Sara Payne, Hinsdale
Michelle Barajaz, Homer Glen
Sharon Guilfoyle, Joliet
Peggy McKeown, Joliet
Eileen Lynch, LaGrange
Kristina Maliejute, Lemont
Gladys Cook, Lisle
Leeann Dahms, Lisle
Thomas Daronatsy, Lisle
Tejaswi Dittakavi, Lisle
Lauren Flentge, Lisle
Richard Gaddini, Lisle
Wesley Gosselink, Lisle
Carol Green, Lisle
Cynthia Knaus, Lisle
Dawn Lei, Lisle
William Munch, Lisle
Saketh Nadimpalli, Lisle
Dorothy Paige, Lisle
Sharon Pelton, Lisle
Rene Richards, Lisle
Phyllis Schmit, Lisle
Margo Suddeth, Lisle
Meenakshi Sundararaman, Lisle
Stanley Szachnitowski, Lisle
Edwin Zarazan, Lisle
Aysha Ahmed, Lombard
Francine Caira, Lombard
Rozanne Canestrini, Lombard
Barbara Cunningham, Lombard
Mary Ferrese, Lombard
Ann Forte, Lombard
Phyllis Gallagher, Lombard
Michelle Golle, Lombard
Irene Halicka, Lombard
Eileen Hans, Lombard
Gloria Hester, Lombard
Robert Jaskula, Lombard
Mary Kay Jennrich, Lombard
Florence Kaminski, Lombard
Judith Kasper, Lombard
Noreen King, Lombard
Lianne Malab, Lombard
Morton Masterson, Lombard
Sean McDaniel, Lombard
Ibrahim Mohsin, Lombard
Catherine Monckton, Lombard
RoseMary Mosher, Lombard
June Newton, Lombard
Norman Newton, Lombard
Mary Nicholson, Lombard
Florence Owens, Lombard
Jean Paprocki, Lombard
Carol Paulsen, Lombard
Mary Rose Pazdan, Lombard
Eleanor Piper, Lombard
Mohammad Pothiawala, Lombard
Anjali Raichura, Lombard
Patricia Raucci, Lombard
William Richards, Lombard
Ann Rudig, Lombard
Jeffrey Saad, Lombard
Rani Sabri, Lombard
Lorraine Silberman, Lombard
Eileen Trieu, Lombard
Carol Urban, Lombard
Meera Vaghani, Lombard
Richard Wagner, Lombard
Scott Wagner, Lombard
Joseph Williamson, Lombard
Edith Zitek, Lombard
Elysa Zaborowski, Melrose Park
Jeane Glynn, Naperville
Gloria Gonzalez-Caswick, Naperville
Tamara Koritarov, Naperville
Carol Lynch, Naperville
Kimberly Muszynski, Naperville
Ruth Anne Unik, Naperville
Raymond Allen, Oak Brook
Sally Allen, Oak Brook
Gail Balluff, Oak Brook
Karen Bowden, Oak Brook
Aneesh Chawla, Oak Brook
Faye Cheng, Oak Brook
Alison Chrabot, Oak Brook
Sandra Czuba, Oak Brook
Elia DiVita, Oak Brook
Kristin Goshorn, Oak Brook
Regina Greuling, Oak Brook
Eileen Harbauer, Oak Brook
Patricia Hitzemann, Oak Brook
Kareem Levestone, Oak Brook
Sanya Lulla, Oak Brook
Sarah Marek, Oak Brook
Katherine McConachie, Oak Brook
Nowell Nimry, Oak Brook
Diane Renzi, Oak Brook
Joanne Sarantos, Oak Brook
Hassam Shah, Oak Brook
Nitin Thapar, Oak Brook
Jack Winjum, Oak Brook
Susanne Bentley, Oakbrook Terrace
Janice Moon, Plainfield
Sharon Roth, Romeoville
Elizabeth Knerr, Tinley Park
Mary Jo Anderson, Villa Park
Rose Jacks, Villa Park
Jeanmarie Johnson, Villa Park
Laura Kuhrau, Villa Park
Jurate Kunickaite, Villa Park
Linda Marczewski, Villa Park
Lois Popelka, Villa Park
Casey Quinlan, Villa Park
Najia Wasiuddin, Villa Park
Jacqueline Wolfe, Villa Park
Carol Belsanti, Westchester
Philip Dote, Westchester
Nancy Gorman, Western Springs
Barbara Kann, Western Springs
Marissa Alcantara, Westmont
Yaqoota Aziz, Westmont
Gregory Baranowski, Westmont
Hunan Chaudhry, Westmont
Margaret Chizek, Westmont
Ricardo Contreras, Westmont
Naga Dharmavaram, Westmont
Juan Diaz, Westmont
Anuhya Gampa, Westmont
Carol Giannini, Westmont
William Hannus, Westmont
Anne Haws, Westmont
Marie Johnson, Westmont
Jeremy Kossak, Westmont
Diane Magnuson, Westmont
Michael McCabe, Westmont
Ralph Pierce, Westmont
Judith Polo, Westmont
Joseph Quinn, Westmont
Vishwa Rao, Westmont
Vica Sarti, Westmont
Joseph Sepulveda, Westmont
Verna Twardy, Westmont
Donna Wadycki, Westmont
Laura Williams, Westmont
Rosemary Wojcik, Westmont
Chinar Desai, Wheaton
Linda Levine, Wheaton
Nina Newport, Wheaton
Robert Stresney, Wheaton
Lenore Adams, Willowbrook
Edward Chodl, Willowbrook
Patricia Huston, Willowbrook
Mary Elizabeth Kemper, Willowbrook
Barbara Marquardt, Willowbrook
Audrey Michalek, Willowbrook
Caitlin OConnor, Willowbrook
Edward Ptacek, Willowbrook
Haya Shareef, Willowbrook
Kay Zeigler, Willowbrook
Jonathan Dharmarja, Winfield
Madeline Batke, Woodridge
Arthur Cardwell, Woodridge
Theresa Hurley, Woodridge
Lisa Johnson, Woodridge
Brianna Loerop, Woodridge
David Marshall, Woodridge
Helen Sue Meyer, Woodridge
Krystina Meyer, Woodridge
Barbara Osterdock, Woodridge
Usha Panchal, Woodridge
Rutul Patel, Woodridge
Elaine Petry, Woodridge
Thomas Puthenpurakal, Woodridge
Marsha Ramsay, Woodridge
Manali Shah, Woodridge
Mital Shah, Woodridge
Rameya Shanmugam, Woodridge
Diana Smith, Woodridge
Esther Szot, Woodridge
Marianne Ulaszek, Woodridge
Sammi Wong, Woodridge
Jackie Zarnowski, Woodridge
Contact: Diane E. Ahern
Good Samaritan Health and Wellness Center
on the campus of Advocate Good Samaritan Hospital
3551 Highland Avenue
Downers Grove, IL 60515
Phone: 630-275-2782
Fax: 630-275-2799
Live well, feel GREAT!
The Good Samaritan Health and Wellness Center is a 90,000 square foot fitness center and health club with three indoor pools, a track, an extensive fitness floor and weight room, four group exercise studios (including aerobics, Spin, Yoga and Pilates studios) and a basketball court.
Located in Downers Grove, Illinois, and serving the western suburbs of Chicago, the Wellness Center is the recipient of a Checkmark for Quality from the readers of Chicago Consumers Checkbook magazine and a Distinguished Achievement Award from the Medical Fitness Association.

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