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Going the extra mile to serve our patients - Advocate Good Samaritan Hospital’s 3rd Quarter MVPs

Who: Cindy Burgdorfer, laboratory medical technician, of Downers Grove, Ill.; and Alicia Coughlin, laboratory medical technician, of Wheaton, Ill.

What: 3rd quarter MVPs for Compassion

Why: As part of the Laboratory Week celebration earlier this year, Cindy Burgdorfer and Alicia Coughlin launched the "Love Knot" program to provide fleece blankets to the smallest of patient at Advocate Good Samaritan Hospital. Lab staff have embraced the project and contribute to it throughout the year.

The manager of the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit said the handmade knotted fleece blankets bring relief and comfort to the families and children in the hospital. One mom recently said, "This really helped our whole family out. It shows how much you care for our daughter." Another NICU parent said although the monitors and machines in the unit made them nervous, they were comforted by the touch of a homemade blanket on their baby.


Who: Joy Kennedy, clinical nurse coordinator, of Montgomery, Ill.

What: 3rd quarter MVP for Equality

Why: Joy Kennedy worked tirelessly with a homeless patient who had no insurance, no financial stability and no family support when the patient had a toe amputated and needed housing during his recovery.

Having built up trust with the patient, Joy assisted the social worker on the complicated case, finding a center in Chicago that could accommodate the patient. Because the shelter needed a lot of clinical information and medical tests before acceptance, Joy was instrumental in filling out pages of paperwork, faxing physicians' offices numerous times and obtaining orders for the necessary tests in order to finally secure his admission.

Joy found an area pharmacy with the best pricing for his medication and obtained gift cards from the social worker to pay for them. Knowing the patient was not able to walk, Joy took the prescriptions to the pharmacy, had them filled and delivered to the patient the next day. Her above and beyond interaction with this patient always focused on treating him with dignity and respect.


Who: Pam Piszczek, R.N., of Joliet, Ill.

What: 3rd quarter MVP for Excellence

Why: When an emergency arises on the Pediatric Unit, multiple sizes of emergency equipment might be needed to treat a patient from newborn to 17 years old. This requires a lot of equipment to be on hand in the unit.

Pam Piszczek developed a system to ensure that needed equipment is stocked and stored safely at all times. Nurses now have a key to the drawers in patient rooms where emergency equipment is safely locked away. Each drawer has a list of needed equipment and is re-stocked immediately after use.

Pam's simple idea has impacted the service the Pediatric Unit is able to provide in an emergency situation allowing for improved patient safety and quality of care.


Who: Teri Evans, speech therapist, of Darien, Ill.

What: 3rd quarter MVP for Partnership

Why: On her way to dinner with her family one evening, Teri Evans received a page from two physicians in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit who needed help viewing a swallow study for one of the infants under their care. Teri offered to stop by the hospital to review the study with the doctors, assuring them that coming in was not a problem.

Teri came in, met with the doctors to discuss the patient's exam and developed a plan of care. The doctors returned to work and Teri joined her family for dinner.

Teri is always willing to help with patient care, even if it involves coming in after her work shift. She is passionate about the work she performs and is committed to collaborating with physicians and nurses to carry out Advocate Good Samaritan Hospital's vision of providing an exceptional patient experience, marked by superior health outcomes, service and value.

Who: Leslie Allgeyer, unit information coordinator/PCA, of Downers Grove, Ill.

What: 3rd quarter MVP for Stewardship

Why: As Leslie Allgeyer was wheeling a discharged patient into the hospital lobby to wait for her ride to arrive, a panic-stricken taxi driver ran in the door saying, "Someone help me! The lady in my cab thinks she's having a stroke." Leslie immediately used her phone to call a Stroke Alert. Recognizing a cardiac nurse in the lobby, she also called her over to assist the woman until the stroke team arrived.

Leslie took responsibility for the emergent situation in a calm and professional manner. She gathered the appropriate staff ensuring the best outcome for the woman with stroke symptoms, and never left the patient she was directly responsible for.


Mission, Values, Philosophy: An MVP is a person who exemplifies Good Samaritan Hospital's core values, goes above and beyond the call of duty and strives to provide a wholistic approach to health care.

  • Compassion - Unselfishly care for others, responding to others' physical, emotional and spiritual needs.
  • Equality - Recognize and appreciate people for who they are. Treat all people with respect, integrity and dignity.
  • Excellence - Strive to do the best job possible. Pursue new ideas to improve care, service and quality.
  • Partnership - Take a team approach to benefit customers, other associates, patients and Advocate Health Care.
  • Stewardship - Solve problems rather than passing them on. Take responsibility for actions. Use time and resources wisely.

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