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red flags

6 weeks: » Difficulty organizing suck, swallow, breath (difficulty feeding)
2 months: » Not obtaining visual focus – not interacting with caregiver faces
4 months: » Not bring hands to midline, not reaching for toys
6 months:

» Not initiating some type of rolling movement
» Not grasping and holding toys

8 months: » Not sitting alone
9 months: » Not crawling on belly or hands and knees
10-12 months: » Not using pincher grasp (finger and thumb) for self-feeding
12 months: » Does not babble, coo or gesture
» Not walking behind push toy or pulling to stand
16 months: » Not taking steps independently
» Does not say single words
24 months: » Does not say two word phrases
2-4 years: » Observed to be a “clumsy kid” (tripping over feet)
Any Age: » Hesitant to interact with others or the environment, appears to be overly sensitive, described as a “fussy baby”
» Overly passive baby, not exploring the environment, “wall flower”
» Perpetual movement, no sit-down time, no balance between movement and rest.
» Delays in development affecting multiple areas
» Consistent walking on tip-toes for an extended period of time
» Has any loss of any language or social skills
» Child does not know how to play with toys
» Child has poor eye contact
» Child seems to prefer to play alone.
» Avoids using both sides of his/her body or exhibits a strong one side preference.

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