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Specialty Billing

Specialty billing of Advocate Good Samaritan Hospital currently bills the ambulance runs for many local fire departments. Specialty billing is not for profit and all profits generated are used toward running the Advocate Good Samaritan Hospital Paramedic Program.

We offer rates that are competitive to other area ambulance billing services, but can offer you more. If your patients are transported to any Advocate hospital, we have direct access to the patient's insurance information and demographic information. This ensures prompt payment for clients.


Q: Other billing services say they can bill immediately after the patient is transported. How long does it take specialty billing to bill patients or insurance companies?
A: We are able to bill all work on the day we receive it and arrangements can be made for transport sheets to be picked up at your office.  Instead of generating claims automatically, we spend time researching each individual patient's insurance, correcting addresses, and checking the spelling of names. This results in less billing errors, and prompt payment to you.

Q:  How long will it take for our fire department to receive payment?
A:  We submit a majority of our claims electronically. We send our claims through a clearinghouse and have been able to obtain payment within 30 days from most insurance companies.

Q:  How will our fire department be invoiced?
A:  At the end of each month, we send detailed reports indicating all charge and payment activity for the client. Our invoice is calculated on the dollars received and posted in our system for the month.

Q: Are there any other reports that specialty billing can run?
A:  Yes, many of our clients need specific reports for audit purposes.  Simply call us, give us your specifications, and we will get you the report that you need.

Q:  Who handles billing inquiries?
A: Our staff handles all billing issues and inquiries.  When a patient, insurance company, or one of our clients calls, they are guaranteed to speak with a live person.  We have no automated system, and give individualized attention to every person that contacts us. If you reach our secure voicemail, simply leave a message and we will contact you shortly after. 

Q:  What is specialty billing's current rate?
A:  Please contact us today for a written proposal.
        Specialty Billing
        P.O. Box 3366 
        Oakbrook, IL 60523
        Phone: 630.275.4050
        Fax: 630.275.4057
        Hours: Monday-Friday 8am-3pm

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