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developmental screenings

0-3 months

Gross Motor Skills:

  • Kicks legs reciprocally
  • Turns head equally to right and left
  • Hold head up when on belly---On forearms/arms extended
  • Fine Motor/Visual Motor Skills:

  • Tracks rattle 90* horizontally to right and left
  • Holds rattle 30 seconds
  • Brings both hands to mouth to self-calm
  • Feeding Skills:

  • Brings both hands to bottle
  • Drinks from bottle without coughing/choking
  • Sleeps with mouth closed, tongue in mouth
  • Speech Skills:

  • Responds to voice
  • Makes sucking noises/comfort noises
  • Watches speakers eyes and mouth
  • 3-6 months

    Gross Motor Skills:

  • Roll: Belly to back (4-5 months) Back to belly (6-7 months)
  • Beginning to sit up
  • Holds head up independently in sitting
  • Fine Motor/Visual Motor Skills:

  • On tummy, can reach for and obtain a toy bearing and shifting weight
  • Places both hands on bottle and holds it
  • Feeding Skills:

  • Beginning solid foods (cereal to vegetables to fruit)
  • No tongue thrusting
  • Tolerates spoon feeding without gagging, coughing, or arching away
  • Speech Skills:

  • Laughs
  • Turns eyes and head to sound
  • Babbles vowels, beginning to use consonant chains, “bababa”
  • 6-12 months

    Gross Motor:

  • Sit unassisted or with use of hands
  • Catches self with hands in sitting
  • Creep on belly
  • Crawl hands and knees
  • Cruise along furniture
  • Fine Motor/Visual Motor Skills:

  • Claps hands/blocks at midline
  • Takes off own socks
  • Cooperates/Assists with dressing
  • Finger feeds self using inferior pincer grasp (pads of thumb and 2nd /3rd digits)
  • Feeding Skills:

  • Finger feeding self
  • Wide variety of foods (both taste and texture)
  • Begins to use spoon to fed self
  • Sits in high chair by self
  • Speech Skills

  • Says mama/dada nonspecifically
  • Understands what ‘no-no’ means
  • Beginning to use 1-5 meaningful words
  • 12-18 Months

    Gross Motor:

  • Walk with/without support
  • Falls from standing into sitting
  • Up and down into sitting
  • Up and down stairs: Crawl/walk
  • Fine Motor/Visual Motor Skills:

  • Stacks 3 cubes
  • Demonstrates understanding of in and out concept
  • Holds and drinks from open cup
  • Feeding Skills:

  • Feeds self with spoon, min spilling
  • Wean from bottle to open cup
  • Uses two hands to hold cup and drink
  • Speech Skills:

  • Understands pointing
  • Imitates gesture (bye-bye)
  • Uses 10-15 words spontaneously
  • 18-24 months

    Gross Motor:

  • Propels ride-on toys
  • Up and down stairs: Rail/ hand hold
  • Bend to pick up toy from standing
  • Fine Motor/Visual Motor Skills:

  • Strings 1’ bead/ Builds tower of 4 cubes
  • Draws a vertical line with thick marker (digital pronate or inferior tripod grasp)
  • Zips & Unzips self once started
  • Feeding Skills:

  • No longer uses bottle
  • Feeds self with spoon, no spilling
  • No longer chews on inedible objects
  • Holds small cup in one hand
  • Speech Skills:

  • Identifies 3 body parts
  • Imitates/beginning to use 2 word phrases
  • Uses vocabulary 20-50 words (including own name)
  • 24-30 months

    Gross Motor:

  • Descend stairs alternating feet
  • Hops / attempts to hop on one foot
  • Attempts to catch ball
  • Fine Motor/Visual Motor Skills:

  • Removes screw on lid from bottle
  • Buttons/ Unbuttons
  • Strings 2-4 beads/builds 8-10 cube tower
  • Understands and stays away from common dangers
  • Toileting begins
  • Feeding Skills:

  • Washes hands
  • Unwraps food
  • Speech Skills:

  • Obeys 2 part commands
  • Uses size words, plurals and past tense
  • Uses ‘self-centered’ pronouns (me, I, mine, my)
  • 30-36 months

    Gross Motor:

  • Runs/attempts to run
  • Jumps off step
  • Clumsy or falls frequently
  • Fine Motor/Visual Motor Skills:

  • Draws a circle/ Cuts paper
  • Brushes Teeth with assistance
  • Undresses self and daytime toilet control
  • Feeding Skills:

  • Washes and Dries hands
  • May Uses fork, spoon, napkin
  • May reject some foods
  • Pours liquid from small container
  • Speech Skills:

  • Understands concept of two (“give me two…”)
  • Matches color
  • Uses intelligible words 80% of the time
  • Gives full name on request and uses/beginning to use 3-5 word sentences
  • Sensory Screening Birth-6 months


  • Does not handle changes in routine well
  • Irritable/poor self calming/Poor sleeping/Fussy
  • Tactile:

  • Hates bath time
  • Does not like tags, socks, mittens
  • Unaware of wed/dirty diapers
  • Auditory:

  • Have to speak loudly or repeat name 3+ times to get child’s attention
  • Does not respond to familiar voices
  • Startles to loud sounds
  • Visual:

  • Avoids eye contact
  • Avoids looking at toys
  • Vestibular:

  • Cries when tipped backwards to change diaper or wash hair
  • Requires more support for sitting (needs pillows, towel rolls, etc...)
  • Sensory Screening 7 months to 36 months


  • Child’s behavior deteriorates when schedule/routine changes
  • Tactile:

  • Resist being held
  • Hates bath time
  • Bumps into things and doesn’t notice
  • Doesn’t seem to feel pain
  • Won’t play with/eat certain foods (textures/temperatures)
  • Auditory:

  • Easily startles to sound
  • Takes a long time to respond, even with familiar voices
  • Visual:

  • Child refuses to look at books with parents
  • Constantly has to look at spinning or shiny objects
  • “Hypnotized” or can’t stand visual stimulating video (Baby Mozart,ect…)
  • Vestibular:

  • Hates being tipped backward to changing or washing hair
  • Constantly bouncing/self-moving---“can’t stay still”

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