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Radiation Therapy FAQs

Radiation Therapy FAQs

Q: How is Radiation Therapy given?

A: Radiation treatments are given by using a big machine called a "Linear Accelerator." Patients in need of Radiation Therapy lie under this machine - just like getting an x-ray!

Q: Does Radiation Therapy hurt?

A: No! Radiation Therapy is a painless procedure, just like having an x-ray. You can't see, feel, hear or taste the radiation as you are being treated.

Q: How often do I need to come for Radiation Treatments?

A: Radiation Therapy treatments need to be given every day - Monday through Friday - for anywhere between 2 and 6 weeks as prescribed by your physician. Different conditions call for varying amounts of radiation.

Q: Will I lose my hair with Radiation Therapy Treatments?

A: When you receive radiation treatments, you only lose the hair directly in the area being treated. If you are treated to the head, you will lose your hair, but if we treat you anywhere else, you will not lose the hair on your head.

Q: Will I get sick from the treatments?

A: Most people do not get nauseous or vomit from these treatments with the exception of patients who need to receive treatment to their abdomen.

Q: What kind of side effects will I experience with Radiation Therapy?

A: One thing that is very important to remember is that Radiation Therapy is site-specific. Only the area that is being treated will be affected. For example, if you need treatments to the throat, you will only have side effects related to that area such as dryness of the throat, difficulty swallowing, hair loss in that area, and reddening of the skin in that area.

Q: What does Radiation Therapy do?

A: Radiation Therapy uses high energy radiation to kill tumor cells and also prevents the cells from reproducing.

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