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how the 64-Slice CT is different

Advocate Good Shepherd Hospital is the first to bring to the community a new, state-of-the-art, CT imaging system from GE Healthcare. The LightSpeed VCT is the world's first Volume Computed Tomography (VCT) system, offering an innovative way for physicians to obtain the information they need to diagnose life-threatening illnesses, including cardiovascular disease, stroke and chest pain.

CT imaging is a diagnostic tool that allows physicians to analyze minute details of internal structures within the human body. This helps doctors in diagnosing disease, viewing internal abnormalities and assessing the extent of trauma damage. Good Shepherd Hospital doctors are now able to capture images of a beating heart in five heartbeats, an organ in one second, and perform whole body trauma imaging in ten seconds. Tests are performed more than twice as fast as conventional CT scanners, without sacrificing clarity - its sub-millimeter resolution offers unprecedented views of veins and arteries. This speed helps physicians determine the appropriate diagnosis, establish the best course of treatment and reduce the number of required exams. This revolutionary technology is patient-friendly using its rapid scanning ability which helps to reduce patient stress and anxiety, and allow physicians to diagnose conditions in one simple exam.

The CT exam creates an image much like a single slice of bread from a whole loaf. In a single rotation, the LightSpeed VCT creates 64 high-resolution anatomical images slices as thin as a credit card. These images are combined to form a three-dimensional view of the patient's anatomy. From these images, physicians can view such things as blockages in the coronary arteries, as well as the motion and pumping action of a patient's heart.

With this new technology, Good Shepherd Hospital is breaking barriers in speed and accuracy of patient exams, and are now able to offer the community some of the most innovative diagnostic procedures.

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