Advocate Good Shepherd Hospital

Building Features

Enhanced Patient-Centered Care

State-of-the-art private rooms for all patients-providing a quiet, calmer healing environment to help patients return home as quickly as possible and have the best experience possible.

State-of-the-art Technology

New operating rooms will be equipped with:

  • Imaging equipment that enables surgeons to get almost-instant access to MRIs, CT scans and digital-X-rays during procedures.
  • Cameras that project and enlarge images taken during procedures onto wall–mounted screens.
  • New state-of-the-art diagnostic and therapeutic medical equipment throughout the facility including imaging, cardiology, surgery and physical therapy.
  • Smart room technology in all patient rooms.

Green Features

  • Green roofs will provide energy-conserving insulation and absorb rainwater.
  • Energy-efficient initiatives will offer peaceful views for our patients and make the facility more efficient to operate.

Built for long term durability of infrastructure and systems including upgrading systems covering. the current and new buildings, improving energy efficiency using LEED guidelines, targeting LEED Silver certification. 


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