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K9 for Hope

Raising funds for Pediatric Cardiology Research

Hello everyone. My name is Boulder, and I am a 4-year-old black Labrador. I am going on a 100-mile hike with my yellow lab brother, Mack, and my two-legged human papa to raise donations for children born with heart defects. I invite you to donate to this worthy cause, and I’ll tell you, with pen in paw, the story of my adventure. I chose the Pediatric Cardiology Research Fund at Heart Institute for Children as a beneficiary for this fundraiser. This is where my two-legged dad (I call him Woof, but you may know him as Dr. Tarek Husayni) works. The cardiologists and surgeons at this program do a great job with little kids with heart problems, and Woof feeds me.

I am named after my two-legged parents’ favorite city, Boulder, Colorado. Woof says the name fits me well because I am just bolder than a chicken…whateverrrrrr. I love the outdoors and so does my brother, Mack, though he’s kind of obsessed with chasing tennis balls. I become very unhappy every time Woof goes on one of his trips and doesn’t take me. Even with my tail wagging, mouth slobbering, refusing to move away from the door and even smiling (yes I do smile), it didn’t work. He didn’t take me on his philanthropic 220-mile hike of the John Muir Trail two years ago (see pictures), nor did he take me on his 500-mile bike ride across Iowa last year. This year I couldn’t take it anymore so I went to Woof and said, “Hey Grampa, (that always gets his attention) what is the deal with bringing me all the way from South Dakota where I lived on a farm with my semi-wild family to stick me in a home like a piece of furniture? I am no poodle or toy dog, and it is driving me nuts! I’ll make you a deal, Grampa (now I had his full attention) you take me on this year’s trip, and I’ll write up the trip report.” He didn’t think long and said ‘I’ll take you with me on one condition: You’ll carry your own food.’ I said four pounds and he said eight pounds.  I said let’s settle at six pounds (Pawn Shop is one of our favorite TV programs). He agreed and we shook hand/paw. So on Monday, September 17, we will start our hike through Maine’s 100-mile wilderness. Woof has dreamed of doing this hike since he read Bill Bryson's hilarious ‘A Walk in the Woods’ years ago.

Trip Reports

November 11, 2012: Meet the dogs...
Mack and I were born of the same litter on a large hunting farm in South Dakota (pics). Our family was free to roam the range and participate in hunting activities and we hunted for ourselves.  It was a marvelous life for the first six weeks, although not easy because I had to fight a bunch of brothers and sisters for every morsel of food. One day we met Jim, a dear friend of my two-legged parents in Chicago, who came for some pheasant hunting. It was mutual love from the first encounter. Read the whole story...


About Pediatric Cardiology Research
Your contribution will support research and education into the causes and treatment of children with Congestive Heart D. Heart defects are the most frequent defects that afflict newborn babies and are the leading cause of birth-defect related deaths. Tremendous advances in pediatric cardiology and cardiovascular surgery have resulted in a dramatic increase in the survival rates. Yet there are many diagnostic, therapeutic and quality-of-life-issues to improve.Funds raised for pediatric cardiology research will directly support the work that Dr. Tarek Husayni and his fellow physicians are doing to improve patient care at Heart Institute for Children Advocate Medical Group. 

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