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Birth Services

Birth Services

Expert Care for the Most Challenging Deliveries

Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center offers the highest level of pre- and postnatal care by board-certified obstetricians, perinatologists, neonatologists and certified nurse-midwives. Women receive personalized care in our state-of-the-art birthing suites and have access to a range of pain treatment options. Our obstetrics team can guide you from planning your pregnancy to delivering your baby.

Whether your birth is considered routine or high-risk, we have the expertise and technology to help keep you and your baby safe and healthy should complications arise. As an advanced perinatal center, we’re equipped to provide comprehensive care for moms and babies.

Birthing Services

  • OB preregistration to avoid the registration process while you’re in labor
  • Comfortable, private labor/delivery/recovery rooms with a convertible sofa bed, flat-screen TV, DVD player, free Wi-Fi and 24/7 access to the newborn channel, featuring English and Spanish educational programming on topics like breastfeeding, bathing, circumcision care, postpartum depression and diaper changing
  • Labor support techniques from our specialty nurses, such as hot/cold therapy, pain management therapies, massage and breathing patterns
  • Pain services: Analgesic medications, local anesthesia, regional anesthesia, general anesthesia and epidurals, along with 24/7 access to anesthesiologists
  • Personal instruction for breastfeeding, bathing your infant and other newborn essentials
  • Perinatal education: Prepared childbirth classes, Lamaze, baby safety, CPR and other classes

High-Risk Services

  • Antenatal Resource Center: Early pregnancy evaluations, genetic blood screenings and fetal echocardiographs help determine special needs and identify solutions to potential problems.
  • Perinatal Surveillance Unit: Experts care for high-risk mothers who are hospitalized before delivery or who experience post-delivery complications.
  • Level III Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU): The NICU is staffed with board-certified neonatologists on-site 24/7 to treat newborns with issues such as immature lungs, birth abnormalities, severe infections and respiratory failure.
  • High-Risk Infant Follow-up Clinic: Experts provide monitoring and ongoing evaluation for babies with potential developmental or neurological issues.

Contact Us

If you have questions about having your baby at Illinois Masonic Medical Center, please call the perinatal education coordinator at 773.296.7828.
You can also register for perinatal education courses online.

After Delivery

Have questions? Contact the Mother and Baby Unit staff at 773.296.5241 during business hours.
For 24-hour lactation support, call 773.296.7765.

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