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Medical Diagnostic Services

The Pediatric Developmental Center (PDC) is the largest provider of medical diagnostic team evaluations for infants in the state of Illinois, with more than 600 infants and young children (birth to age three) seen on an annual basis.

Infants and young children who may benefit from medical diagnostic services include those with one or more of the following indicators:

  • Delay in all areas with no medical diagnosis to explain the delay
  • Motor delay or abnormalities of movement with no diagnosis
  • Behavior problems and developmental delay
  • Abnormalities in language, socialization and behavior
  • No gains in development following therapeutic intervention

The medical diagnostic teams are led by one of our three medical specialties: developmental/behavioral pediatricians, child psychiatrist and pediatric neurologist. The teams integrate complex medical, educational and psychological information to make appropriate diagnoses and recommendations for treatment. A major goal of the evaluation is to help the family understand the child's diagnosis and treatment plan.

Each medical diagnostic evaluation includes the following services:

  • Complete medical, family and developmental history
  • Physical examination and observation of behavior
  • Evaluation of family structure/interactions and understanding of the problem
  • Other developmental assessments as required by the physician
  • Discussion of findings and treatment plan with family and case manager
  • Comprehensive written report
  • Determination of eligibility for Early Intervention Services (if needed)

Medical providers, therapists, case managers and other early intervention specialists often determine a need for medical diagnostic services in their work with children and families. To initiate an evaluation, a referral should be made to the local Child and Family Connections office with a request for medical diagnostic services. The local service coordinator then contacts the PDC to schedule the evaluation. Our Early Intervention Coordinator at the PDC is always available to answer questions and help expedite the referral process.


Our center provides early intervention treatment services for infants and young children who show a wide range of developmental challenges. Home and center based services are available, with center based groups for children who are in the 2-3 year age range. Staff includes fully credentialed early intervention specialists in the following areas:

  • Speech, Occupational and Physical therapy
  • Behavioral Psychology and Social Work
  • Child Developmental Specialists
  • Behavior Therapists

Early Intervention groups address social skills, language and behavioral/sensory issues. Mental health specialists are available to address challenging behavioral and interaction difficulties with a focus on facilitating the parent child relationship.

Referral for therapy services should be directed to our Early Intervention Coordinator.

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