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Physical Rehabilitation Services
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Inpatient Rehabilitation Care Providers

At Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center, physiatrists lead multidisciplinary teams of inpatient rehabilitation care providers. Physiatrists also coordinate patients’ care with their primary care physicians to provide the best rehabilitation care possible.

Our inpatient rehabilitation team includes:

A physiatrist is a physician who specializes in physical rehabilitation. Your physiatrist will coordinate your care and work closely with your primary care physician, therapists and nurses. After you are discharged from inpatient rehabilitation, your physiatrist may continue to follow you as an outpatient to manage medical issues related to your disability.

Rehabilitation Nurses
Registered nurses with expertise in physical rehabilitation provide your daily care and make sure you are comfortable. Your rehabilitation nurse will teach you how to manage your medications, take care of your skin, control your pain and perform daily tasks, such as using the restroom, safely. Your nurse also will ensure the skills you learn in therapy are incorporated into your daily activities in your room.

Physical Therapists
Physical therapists guide you through exercises to increase your endurance, strength, flexibility, balance and coordination. Your physical therapist will also help you regain the ability to move independently.

Occupational Therapists
Occupational therapists provide training and guide you through exercises to help you perform daily activities, such as eating, dressing and bathing, as independently as possible. In addition, your occupational therapist will assist you with achieving your goals related to home management, returning to work or school and community reintegration.

Speech-Language Pathologists
Speech-language pathologists evaluate and treat speech, language, voice, cognitive and swallowing problems.

Social Workers
Social workers help facilitate a smooth transition home. A social worker will provide information about support networks, funding resources and community resources for transportation, personal care and other needs you may have. Your social worker will also provide you and your family with support and assist with social and psychological adjustments related to your condition.

Neuropsychologists provide counseling to assist you with adjustments to new disabilities and changing life roles. Your neuropsychologist may also perform cognitive testing if ordered by your physician.

Meet Our Team

Learn more about the care providers at Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center.

Contact Us

To learn more or make a referral, call our admission assessment coordinator at 773.296.5171.

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