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Patient Stories

For the physicians at Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center’s Digestive Health Institute, patients’ well-being and quality of life are top priorities. Every day, our physicians change the lives on their patients by finding potential problems at early stages when they are easiest to treat, treating potentially life-threatening conditions and guiding their patients in making lifestyle choices that promote long-term digestive health.

Here are just a few of our patient stories.

Komal Gujarathi, who is at high risk for breast cancer due to her family history, was just entering her final months of training for her first run in the Chicago Marathon when she was referred to a specialist for gastrointestinal issues. In August 2012, a cancerous polyp was discovered and successfully removed very early because her physician, Joaquin Estrada, MD, colon and rectal surgeon at Illinois Masonic Medical Center, knew of a recently discovered correlation between breast and colon cancers.

Helen P. had her first brush with fecal incontinence while attending a family party last October when she suddenly felt the uncontrollable need to rush to the restroom. Over the next few months, Helen says the problem—the inability to control her bowel movements—continued and even worsened to the point where she was unable to leave her home. Joaquin Estrada, MD, colon and rectal surgeon at Illinois Masonic Medical Center, used a new and innovative minimally invasive surgical technique to help Helen gain better bowel control, vastly improving her quality of life. Read the full story.

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To learn more, for help finding a physician or to schedule an appointment call 1.800.3.ADVOCATE (1.800.323.8622). You can also find a physician and request an appointment online.

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