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Planned Development
Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center’s Planned Development (PD) for the Center for Advanced Care has been approved. The table below shows the key characteristics of the current PD, as well as the potential future phase 2 of the project. Future approval of phase 2 will be required.



 Current PD: Phase 1

 Future PD: Phase 2*


 3 stories

 5 stories


156,000 square feet

 160,000 to 250,000
 square feet

 Total Building Height

47 feet (67 feet at top of penthouse)
Height of garden wall varies between 8 and 14 feet along length of wall.

 146 feet (total)

 Height at Barry Street

18 feet (setback of 20 feet)

 No change

 North Setback (from 
 Barry Street)

Garden wall setback varies, 21 feet minimum from property line.
Primary building mass setback is 72 feet from property line.

 No change

 East Setback

34 feet

 No change

 South Setback

None, extending over Nelson Street

 No change

 Green Space

North park: 20,000 square feet (25,000 square feet including ROW)
Green roofs: 25,640 square feet

 No change

 Loading Dock

 No change

 No change

 Surface Parking

 Add 14 spaces

 Remove 14 spaces

 Street Parking on Barry

 Add 4 spaces

 No change

 Street Parking on Nelson



 Street Parking on 

 No change

 No change

 Additional Parking


 Garage TBD

*Phase 2 is a potential vertical expansion project. Future approval will be required.

 July 30, 2012

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