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Patients can be seen by appointment for general dental services. These include examinations, routine xrays, cleanings and fillings. It is recommended that patients see their dentist twice a year for routine examination and cleaning.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Over the years, Dentistry has evolved to being so much more than a "drill and fill" operation. Patients who have aesthetic concerns relating to tooth color, position or appearance can find that there are affordable and simple ways to address many individual dental concerns. Some options for patients who are unsatisfied with their smiles include tooth whitening, bonding and veneers which are all available at the Dental Center.

Digital Radiographic Technology

The Dental Center is proud to be able to offer this method of taking xrays to its patients. In addition to reducing radiation exposure by 80%, digital radiography provides superb quality views of the teeth quickly and in a way which provides for better patient understanding of recommended dental treatment.

Hygiene Services

The Dental Center has a dental hygienist who is available to address all your oral hygiene needs. She is available by appointment for educational and therapeutic services in the prevention of dental disease.


When a dental infection affects the nerve of the tooth and root canal therapy is required, there is a specialist available to handle these cases at the Dental Center. Patients do not have go to another office when this type of treatment is necessary.


The Dental Center uses the Straumann System for its implant cases. This ideal form of tooth replacement is available to patients at a substantial savings. Both the surgical placement and restorative phases of treatment can be performed at the Dental Center.

Learn more about the Straumann Implant System


Eligible patients can enjoy this invisible, removable and comfortable method to straighten teeth at fees which are significantly less than other offices. Invisalign uses a series of clear aligners that are customized to fit you. The virtually invisible aligners gradually reposition your teeth into a smile you'll be proud of. An orthodontist on staff oversees all Invisalign cases.

Learn more about Invisalign

Oral Surgery

The Dental Center has an oral surgeon on staff who works closely with our general dentists when teeth need to be removed or when there is another type of oral surgery procedure needed. Patients can have all their specialty needs met without leaving our facility.


The Dental Center has two periodontists on staff who treat patients and also work with the other general dentists on specialty cases of this type. Implant and/or cases involving treatment of disease of the supporting structures of the teeth are all overseen by the department's periodontists.


The Dental Center has specialists on staff who have completed a minimum of two years of specialty training beyond dental school in how to effectively manage and treat dental conditions of children and adolescents.


The dentists at the Dental Center are qualified to manage cases which involve the replacement of missing teeth. Services offered and available to eligible patients include: partial dentures, complete dentures, bridges and implants (see specific Straumann implant link for more information).

Oralfacial and Temporamandibular Pain Evaluations

An oral medicine specialist is on staff to evaluate patients with chronic dental pain that cannot be managed by general dentist. After thorough evaluation of a patient's pain condition, an appliance and/or other type of therapy may be indicated for treatment of these cases.


An orthodontist is on staff to provide treatment for the correction of tooth alignment. The type of treatment recommended can range from retainers, conventional braces or Invisalign (see specific link for more information).

Conscious Sedation

This service is offered to patients with busy schedules and/or dental phobics who desire to have all their work completed in one visit. The Dental Center has its own anesthesiologist who manages all cases which involve conscious sedation.

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