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The Golden Age (Senior Program)

A Medical Discount Program (Seniors 65+ with Medicare)

The Golden Age, a Medical Discount Program, started in 1994 as a part of the Hispanocare program of Illinois Masonic Medical Center. The program offers a full range of contacts, providers and services in both English and Spanish. Community education programs and services are offered in both languages to ensure our commitment that all members will be comfortable with their care and obtain the maximum possible benefit from their membership. The Golden Age, a program of Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center, is not a supplemental insurance plan, but a medical discount program for people 65 and over with Medicare.

An Annual Membership fee of $20 entitles you to discounts of 20 to 30 percent or more on services, as, i.e., dental care, eye care, prescription drugs, podiatry and more. For your convenience, the following details the program benefits.

Audiology - Membership entitles you to enjoy a 20 percent discount at the audiology department of Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center in room 3809, 3rd floor. Please remember that a physician referral is required. To schedule an appointment, or require additional information, call 773.296.7136.

Dental Care - You are invited to visit the Advocate Illinois Masonic Dental Center and receive a 25 percent discount on usual and customary out-of-pocket dental services. Visit any of the Golden Age private providers and receive a 20 percent discount on those services not typically covered by Medicare.

Eye Care - You will also receive a 20 percent discount on eye glasses, frames, prescription lenses, and eye exams at selected Pearle Vision locations and hospital provider sites.

Financial Counseling - Advocate financial counselors are available to provide assistance with Medicare paperwork from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. Counselors also are available to answer your questions about hospital bills and insurance benefits.

Hospital Services - As an active member of the Golden Age, you will receive 20 percent discount on all hospital services not covered by Medicare at Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center. Co-payments, coinsurance and deductible amounts (if any) are excluded from these discounts.

Parking - Valet Parking (Illinois Masonic Medical Center) is available for a fee at the main door of the hospitals until 6 p.m. This parking service is available for handicapped and special needs patients as well as for individuals who have difficulty walking. For other visitors, parking is available in the main parking lot for a discounted rate.

Prescriptions - Membership in the Golden Age program entitles you to discounts on your prescription at over 60,000 pharmacies throughout the United States including Walgreens and Osco. Just show your Needy Meds card when filling your prescription and start saving. Discounts may vary by drug and are based on availability.

Transportation - Based on availability, transportation to and from Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center for medical procedures (773.296.7672) can be arranged 24 hours in advance free of charge. Availability is on a first-come, first-serve basis, so we recommend you call early. Service is not available on Saturdays and Sundays, boundary restrictions may apply.

Educational Programs - You are invited and encouraged to attend the free seminars on a variety of topics related to your health and personal safety.

Health Screenings - We will help keep your health on track. As a member, you will receive notices about discounted or Free Screenings, such as blood pressure checks, flu shots, diabetes screenings, and other valuable tests offered regularly.

Golden Age Breakfast Club - Free quarterly breakfast seminars on a variety of topics related to your health and personal safety.

And much more!

Questions? - If you have any questions, please call Hispanocare (The Golden Age) at 773.296.7157.

Health Screenings
The Golden Age Senior Brunch Club
How the Program Works (Click here to see example)

To enroll and become a member of the Golden Age Senior Program, please print and mail the membership application (see link below).

Golden Age Application
La Edad de Oro aplicación

For additional information, please contact Hispanocare at 773.296.7157.

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