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Bobby Johnson

Bobby was diagnosed in November, 2003 with medulloblastoma with metastasis in the spine and brain. Bobby had experienced several weeks of speech difficulties followed by facial weakness, weight loss, and progressive headaches. His parents had been taking him back and forth to various specialists when he was finally brought to the emergency room. A CT scan showed the tumor. Bobby was transferred to Advocate Children's Hospital - Park Ridge to be cared for by Dr. Ruge. Bobby had surgery to remove the tumor from the back of his head and underwent chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Bobby required a feeding tube for awhile and needed physical, speech, and occupational therapy. Today Bobby is doing very well and going to school. He no longer needs the feeding tube and is doing much better with his walking.

"We are so pleased with the level of care our son Bobby receives at the MCBTC. We are blessed by exceptional, compassionate doctors, nurses and staff. During our treatments, Bobby was in the hospital at least once a month for chemo and radiation, more frequently if he developed an infection. However, during the course of a month, he would beg us to take his temperature, hoping he would be able to go into the hospital! Now that's outstanding care-to welcome and care for a little boy so that he wants to and feels special as he goes into the hospital. As we've continued , we appreciate the team approach to Bobby's care, knowing that at given times, all his doctors together are focused on his care and the best way to proceed."


Jimmy Wagner

jimmyJimmy was diagnosed in December, 2000 at the age of 6 months with a atypical teratoid rhabdoid tumor in the posterior fossa. This is an extremely aggressive and malignant tumor in which most people do not survive. Jimmy was taken to surgery to remove the tumor and he required placement of a ventriculoperitoneal shunt. Jimmy also required a feeding tube. He underwent several months of intense chemotherapy followed by radiation to the back of his head at 9 months of age. He completed his treatment with more chemotherapy. Jimmy required physical, speech, and occupational therapy. Today Jimmy is 7 years old, is walking by himself and going to school. He is truly a miracle!


Kristen Rousonelos

kristenDr. Ruge came to know Kristen before she was even born! Kristen's mom, Dawn, had a fetal ultrasound done that showed her new daughter had a brain tumor. A week after she was born Kristen was taken to surgery to remove her tumor. Fortunately, her tumor was benign although it was not all completely removed. Five months later Kristen underwent a second surgery to remove the rest of the tumor. She recovered beautifully and today she is an active 9 year old enjoying school!

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