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Advocate Lutheran General Hospital is the first hospital in the Midwest to offer 3D mammography. 3D mammography, also known as digital breast tomosynthesis (DBT), produces a 3-dimensional view of breast tissue that improves breast cancer screening and detection, while reducing women's anxiety associated with callbacks.

3D mammography is a leading edge technology that produces a 3D image of the breast and gives the Radiologist at Lutheran General Hospital's Caldwell Breast Center the ability to see through superimposed breast tissue.

Benefits of 3D Mammography

  • Improves the ability to screen for and detect potential breast cancers.
  • Helps pinpoint size, shape, and location of abnormalities.
  • Increases the ability to accurately visulaize abnormalities in dense breast tissue, which is often found in younger women.
  • Helps distinguish harmless abnormalities from real tumors, leading to fewer callbacks and less anxiety for women.
  • More information on Benefits of 3D Mammography.

Please contact the Caldwell Breast Center to see if you might benefit from a 3D mammogram, and to schedule a mammography appointment that is right for you.

To make an appointment, or for more information, please call 847.723.3100

3D mammography will have more limited availability for screening mammography patients. 3D mammography requested during daytime hours will be subject to wait times and availability, due to limited resources. 3D mammography will be available to the radiologist for diagnostic mammography. 

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