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Advanced Diagnostics

Advanced Technology for Diagnosis

We are committed to providing the most advanced technology for diagnosis. Our team of experts uses the latest detection tools to diagnose cancer and to monitor the effectiveness of your treatment. More precise information leads to a more targeted treatment plan and, ultimately, better outcomes.

Our Diagnostic Technologies

64-slice CT scanner

The Philips Brilliance® 64-channel configuration breaks through previous boundaries in CT imaging, providing large volume, thin-slice coverage to improve diagnostic confidence, image quality and productivity. A complex scanner that provides high resolution images or views of any area of the body. Its many uses include cardiac angiography and bone mineral analysis to screen for osteoporosis.

Time of Flight PET/CT Scan

Time-of-Flight PET/CT images play a key role in radiation therapy planning by precisely mapping out tumor boundaries and avoiding radiation to the adjacent normal tissue. It can be used to diagnose and to manage lung, colon, esophageal, head and neck cancer, melanomas, brain tumors and other types of cancer and to monitor cancer former cancer patients.

1.5 Tesla MRI

A Philips Achieva® 1.5 T unit provides advanced applications in all areas of clinical imaging. The system is equipped to provide for reduced scan times and increased image resolution, enabling a new dimension in intelligent MR and maximizing imaging speed, quality, breadth of applications and future versatility.

3-D Ultrasound

GE LOGIQ® 9, a premium ultrasound system, enables us to comfortably acquire and construct volumetric images in real time, then interrogate the images in any plane to explore the smallest details with stunning clarity. Advanced equipment that provides extremely clear three-dimensional pictures of the inside of any area the body.

Digital Radiography

X-ray equipment that captures images like a digital camera. Digital radiography uses less radiation, is extremely fast and provides clearer images for improved accuracy. It also has the capability of adjusting image contrast for better views without subjecting a patient to more radiation.

Nuclear Medicine Camera

A high resolution camera that provides three-dimensional images of the body and internal organs.

Breast Cancer Diagnostics

A breast cancer diagnosis and treatment plan can include any of our diagnostic technologies. The Caldwell Breast Center provides additional diagnostic technologies, including some of the latest all-digital imaging equipment.

Mammotome® Breast Biopsy System

A cutting edge, hand-held biopsy device used in conjunction with ultrasound. The Mammotome requires a single, tiny incision, obtains better samples during biopsy, and enables more accurate results and earlier diagnosis of breast cancer.

Digital Mammography

State-of-the-art technology is quicker and more effective in diagnosing traces of cancer and limits radiation exposure and produces enhanced images that reduce need for additional mammograms

Same Day-Mammograms

Your doctor receives results within 24-48 hours and you receive written notification of your results within a month.

Genetic Counseling

Helps determine risk of having or being a carrier of the BRCA gene, which increases your risk of getting breast cancer and passing on the gene mutation.

Tomosynthesis (3-D Mammography)

As the most advanced technology in breast imaging, 3-dimensional (3D) mammography takes images from multiple angles and arranges these high resolution “slices” into a 3D image allowing for earlier detection and better, more accurate detection in women with dense breast tissue.

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