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Examples of Daily Goals

Concern:  Isolation
Long-term goal: to increase social interaction.

Daily Goals:

  • To start and keep a conversation going on two breaks today.
  • To practice a new communication technique learned in program with a peer.
  • To bring up a specific issue in group therapy.
  • To go to lunch with a peer.

Concern:  Anxiety
Long-term goal: to decrease anxiety-to increase a sense of inner calmness.

Daily Goals:

  • To practice techniques learned in program such as progressive relaxation.
  • To identify anxious feelings and let others know how I’m feeling.
  • To challenge myself by staying in groups in spite of my anxiety.
  • To do a project or activity that’s soothing.

Concern:  Distorted thinking
Long-term goal: to cope with distorted thinking.

Daily Goals:

  • To clarify the reality of my thoughts in groups.
  • To identify the distorted thinking pattern.
  • To focus on the here and now in groups.
  • Learn and use a cognitive therapy technique to challenge distorted thoughts.

Concern:  Low self-esteem
Long-term goal: to increase positive self-esteem.

Daily Goals:

  • To share something positive about myself with someone.
  • To practice using positive affirmations.
  • To acknowledge a need and work on getting it met.
  • To start or complete a new project in occupational therapy.

Concern:  Lack of structure
Long-term goal: to develop a balanced structure to my day.

Daily goals:

  • To set up plans for this evening and weekend.
  • To make a realistic list of things that need to be done today and things I want to do for enjoyment.
  • To meet with staff to work on time management issues.

Concern:  Lack of understanding about my illness
Long-term goal:  To learn more about my illness

Daily Goals:

  • To use psychoeducation group to increase knowledge about my illness.
  • To ask staff or doctor a question about my illness
  • To read material from staff about my illness.

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