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Surgical Options

Many bariatric surgery patients experience a reduction in obesity-related conditions, such as back pain, diabetes, high blood pressure, sleep apnea and urinary leakage.

Many patients find surgery to be extremely helpful in achieving their overall health and weight management goals. Through reinforcement and accountability of lifestyle changes, patients begin to lose weight right after surgery and will continue to do so for 12 months and maintain the weight loss for years to come. We have also found that surgery helps to provide more energy, improved optimism and greater mobility—all of which contribute to success.

Innovative Procedures Performed By Specially Trained Metabolic Surgeons
Advocate Lutheran General Hospital features a staff of expert surgeons who have not only performed thousands of procedures; they also teach these techniques to other surgeons throughout the area. 

Gastric Bypass – The most common bariatric procedure, it can result in a significantly greater overall weight loss. The procedure involves creating a smaller stomach pouch that is connected directly to the lower part of the small intestine. Not only does this surgery restrict food consumption, it also reduces the amount of calories and nutrients absorbed into the body.

Sleeve Gastrectomy – Considered to be more a nonmalabsortive procedure than the gastric bypass, this surgery involves removing a large portion of the stomach to decrease appetite and more quickly stimulate fullness. There are fewer issues with iron deficiencies and medication absorption.

Gastric Banding – Also known as “LAP-BAND®” surgery, this procedure involves placing an inflatable band, much like a belt, around the top part of the stomach. By tightening the band, doctors can reduce a patient’s stomach size to reduce food intake. Digested food still passes through the larger portion of the stomach and into the intestines.

Our multidisciplinary approach means that patients have the opportunity to meet with an exercise physiologist and registered dietician during every visit. Our goal is to support patients in every way possible to reach their goals.


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