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    Advocate/Lutheran General Older Adult Services offers a variety of opportunities for volunteers and internships. Volunteers usually apply through the Volunteer Office at Lutheran General Hospital where they provide information about their background and interests. Many volunteers share a hobby they enjoy such as woodworking or art activities; others may play cards or table games with our Adult Day Service participants. Ours is a wonderful setting for people who enjoy sharing their own interests and who work well with the elderly.

    We also have a Home Delivered Meals program where volunteers play an important role by delivering meals to isolated elderly in our communities. This is a much needed program and would not exist if it was not for our volunteers.

    We offer supervised internships for college-level and graduate-level students in the fields of social work, counseling, art therapy and recreation therapy. Several area graduate nursing programs are also affiliated with our programs as a training site. Most internships are arranged with the applicant’s college or university for academic credit. The usual length of the internship is for an academic year, with supervision supplied by our social work or counseling staff.  We like to arrange our internships so that the intern has equal exposure to clients in the community as well as the participants in the Adult Day Service program. 

    Usual activities include individual sessions for supportive counseling with elderly or disabled individuals, group facilitation within the Adult Day Service program, phone triage in the Information and Resources Office, working with our Home Delivered Meals and Emergency Response programs and general exposure to our community-based assistance programs. Our social work, counseling and nursing staff work closely with the college or university liaison personnel to provide an optimal growth experience for professionals in training. We have an array of interns receiving their Master in Art Therapy in our Expressions programs for the early-stage Alzheimer’s participants. Social worker interns as well as counselors and medical students find Expressions a cutting-edge program.