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Consistent with the mission and goals of Advocate Health Care, the Advocate Illinois Masonic School of Radiologic Technology is committed to excellence in radiologic technology education and its administration. Its purpose is to contribute practicing radiographers to healthcare who provide high-quality patient care through their performance of competent, safe and courteous radiographic examinations and other health services.

The School views education as an ongoing and multifaceted process of change and growth involving the whole individual. It strives to develop and challenge the students' academic abilities, clinical skills, commitment to meeting the needs of others, accountability of self and their participation as a healthcare team member.


The School will:

  1. Admit qualified applicants demonstrating traits and abilities for educational and professional success.
  2. Serve the needs of individuals, families and communities by providing professionally qualified practicing radiographers.
  3. Enable students to attain professional excellence and vocational achievement by providing opportunities to develop skills and competencies required of the profession.

Graduates of the School will:

  1. Demonstrate the values of equality and compassion. Students will treat all people with respect, integrity and dignity. Students will put the welfare of others above their own interests and will care for the whole person, responding to their physical and emotional concerns.
  2. Evidence clinical competence and scholastic excellence through mastery of the learning objectives of the program.
  3. Demonstrate the value of partnership in the practice of radiography.
  4. Develop and demonstrate the value of stewardship through the accountability of self. Students will accept responsibility for all they do and say.
  5. Demonstrate abilities in communication, critical thinking and problem solving necessary for professional practice.
  6. Demonstrate the ability to organize, analyze and evaluate scientific, technical and patient information for the purpose of competent and safe patient examinations and other related services.
  7. Achieve their educational goals.

Program Objectives - Administration

The School will demonstrate administrative and educational success by:

  1. Admitting applicants who meet the admission requirements of the program.
  2. Maintaining attrition below 25 percent.
  3. Graduating all students of the two-year program within three years from the date of matriculation.
  4. Maintaining an average certifying pass rate of not less than 90 percent and passing score equal to or greater than national average score in the last five years.
  5. Maintaining a program completion rate of 75 percent in last five years.
  6. Documenting a job placement rate of not less than 75 percent over past five years.
  7. Maintaining program accreditation.
  8. Graduating radiographers who demonstrate commitment to the profession and continued education through advanced certification and/or other educational pursuits.

Program Objectives - Education

Graduates of the School will have the academic and clinical ability to:

  1. Accurately apply knowledge of human structure and function with principles of radiographic positioning and exposure/technique to produce optimal diagnostic images.
  2. Apply knowledge of radiation physics and its biological effects to insure the safe and ethical practice of radiography.
  3. Competently perform a wide scope of radiographic procedures as an entry level radiographer and demonstrate clinical diversity through the performance of other diagnostic services such as venipuncture.
  4. Exercise critical reasoning and problem-solving skills/strategies in the practice of radiography and other needed health services.
  5. Operate a variety of imaging modality equipment and exposure systems.
  6. Employ non-verbal, oral and written communication skills to insure the exchange of clear, understandable, accurate information and medical instructions prior to, during and following radiographic examinations and other health-related procedures.
  7. Utilize organizational and management skills for the competent and efficient performance of radiographic procedures and other patient/customer services.
  8. Work both as a team player and independently.
  9. Recognize the physical and emotional needs of patients and provide treatment, care and comfort appropriately.
  10. Achieve professional recognition by successful performance of the national certifying examination in radiography.

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