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The Lifeline Cordless Phone Communicator

The Lifeline Cordless Phone Communicator integrates the #1 medical alert service into an innovative cordless phone. The large buttons are easy to read and press, making dialing easy.  A large, high- contrast screen displays Caller ID or the number you have dialed, helping you have the conversations you want to have.  Voice amplification on the handset and speaker phone enables easy to hear, clear conversations. The light, specially designed handset and base make it easy to pick up, hold and dock the phone. Simple to use - no complicated features or confusing flashing lights.  The Lifeline Cordless Phone even works during a power outage!*

* Requires working phone service, provides up to 30 hours of backup power for Help Calls and up to one hour of regular phone calls during a power outage.

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Lifeline with Reminders-$47.00 per month

The CarePartnerTM Telephone combines a full-featured telephone that enhances daily communication for you with a state-of-the-art personal response system and reminder feature.

VoiceAssistTM provides a friendly, reassuring female voice to clarify and instruct you on what to do. And it even thanks them for resetting the inactivity timer. It also ensures proper set-up by instructing the installer.

Enunciated Dialing makes dialing easier for those with visual limitations by announcing each number as it is pressed.

VoiceClockTM gives you a friendly greeting: the day, time, and date, at the press of the reset button.

TelAssureTM gently reminds you to check in with the Response Center once a month. This gives you greater peace of mind and reinforces your ability to use the Lifeline service in the event of an emergency. Additional features include: maximum Personal Help Button offering a range of up to 750 feet, depending on the layout of your home, AutoLearnTM capability allowing two Personal Help Buttons to activate the response center, 12 or 24-hour inactivity timer, and remote call answering.

Choose the personal help button that best suits your lifestyle:


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Lifeline Basic-$42.00 per month

This full-featured voice communicator links subscribers to the Lifeline response center. With improved two-way speakerphone capability, this model enhances communication between subscribers and monitors. This model features both VoiceAssistTM and TelAssureTM. VoiceAssistTM messages instruct and clarify unit operation and audible alarms.

The TelAssure feature reminds subscribers to test the unit every 30 days. This model offers extended Personal Help Button range of up to 500 feet, depending on the layout of your home, and improved AutoLearnTM capability to allow two Personal Help Buttons to activate the communicator. Subscribers can adjust ringer and alarm volumes to preferred level. Additional features include a 12 or 24 hour inactivity timer, hands-free telephone answering, and cancel reset for subscribers monitored by the Lifeline Call Center.

Choose the personal help button that best suits your lifestyle:


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The Classic Pendant

Now, a Personal Help Button that you will be proud to wear. This soft-ivory button with gold-tone bead and actuator was designed with the look of jewelry. The Lifeline Classic Pendant eliminates the self-consciousness you may feel about having a Lifeline service. And at half an ounce, it is comfortable to wear, as well as completely waterproof. The Classic comes with a soft adjustable neckcord and is packaged in its own brushed burgundy jewelry box. The Classic is truly the most beautiful Personal Help Button available.

The Lifeline Classic Pendant can be used with the CarePartnerTM Telephone 9500 and CarePartnerTM 6800. Three-year manufacturer warranty.

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The SlimlineTM Personal Help Button

The Slimline Personal Help Button is small, lightweight, and completely waterproof to provide maximum comfort and flexibility. Slimline's attractive design reduces the stigma associated with wearing a Personal Help Button. Slimline can be worn as a pendant with the adjustable neckcord or it can be easily converted to wriststrap wear with the soft, adjustable elastic strap.

The Slimline Personal Help Button can be used with the CarePartnerTM Telephone 9500 and CarePartnerTM 6800. Three-year warranty.

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The Philips Lifeline Tempo Watch

Philips Lifeline has partnered with Timex to incorporate the Personal Help Button into an attractive and reliable watch. The Tempo Watch offers a convenient and discreet way to wear your help button and you will never be without the time.

This two-in-one, discreet time piece by Timex® offers the 24/7 service of Lifeline. Its attractive unisex design can be used with a metal and leatherette band option and is water-resistant.

The Tempo Watch works with the Philips Lifeline CarePartner Telephone and Basic Communicator. Not available in all areas.

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