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Department of Research Summary of Services

The Department of Research provides to Advocate Healthcare a centralized source of research support to the AHC network. We work with residents, nurses and physicians at each phase of their research projects, from development to dissemination. Specific areas of consultation/assistance are:

Research design and sponsored project development - Research design often is the first step in investigator initiated research and we assist investigators with an idea for a research project by helping develop a research hypothesis, a valid and reliable study design and by performing a power calculation/ sample size determination. Additionally, the Department of Research can assist with budget development and contract negotiations for sponsored research.

IRB compliance - After investigators design their projects, they will need to complete an Institutional Review Board (IRB) application to ensure compliance. In addition to the initial application, investigators may need to complete Adverse Event reports, amendments, continuing review applications and final reports. The Department of Research will review an investigator’s application before submission to the IRB to provide feedback/ suggestions.

Data collection & management - The Department of Research is available for consultation concerning the optimum data collection and storage tools. This might include database development, data entry protocol development and data software assistance.

Analysis and reporting - After an investigator collects data, the Department of Research can provide support with data summaries, tables/graphs/charts and analysis.

Presentation/publication review - There are several formats for dissemination of research and the Department of Research provides support for conferences/ professional meeting presentations and manuscripts for peer-reviewed journals. We provide assistance with preparation, reviewing/ editing, and seeking an appropriate outlet for submission.

Resource identification - Addition services provided by the Department of Research include matching research assistant volunteers with projects, identifying funding opportunities and identifying community collaborators.

The Department of Research is enhanced by access to specific resources such as:

Partnerships - The Department of Research continues to seek partnership opportunities within the AHC system and in the community. We facilitate meetings of the Research Directors Network which is comprised of a research director from each residency program within the AHC. The Research Directors Network was developed in the spring of 2010 to enhance research and scholarly activity for residents and faculty in the programs. Additionally, AHC is one of several community hospitals, together with IL academic campuses, working in partnership with the UIC Center for Clinical and Translational Science (CCTS).

EDW - The Department of Research has acquired the ability to query the centralized Advocate database (EDW) which brings together the hospital databases and includes variables related to patient encounters, patient satisfaction, CPOE/Care Connection Orders, and other clinical variables from a myriad of data sources. We are able to use this information in order to assist investigators with pre-study feasibility and with IRB approval to extract patient level data for analyses. Although in its infancy we look forward to partnering with investigators to explore the potential of this data source.

Advocate Library Network - The Advocate Library Network supports the delivery of the best possible care by increasing the availability and usage of print and electronic resources at the point of care and directly through the libraries. The library provides access to Clin-eguide, OVID, EBSCOhost, and MD consult. Clinicians can access four core electronic services that include 78 electronic full-text books and over 3,000 subscription and free electronic full-text journals as well as additional features unique to each resource. Through outreach and education sessions librarians provide training for physicians accessing and utilizing knowledge based electronic and print resources. Librarian performed literature searches are accessible to save time and utilize the searching expertise of the Library Network medical librarians.

Medical Editing – Our department has on contract basis access to a medical editor which will help plan, coordinate, and edit medical related content for publication purposes. In addition he will review proposals and drafts prior to being final for publication.

Research Directors Network - The Advocate Research Director’s Network is a system wide and site based network.  This network acts as a conduit for communication and shared resources within and between Advocate Investigators.  The Advocate Research Director’s Network has developed into a network which is inclusive of numerous invested Advocate Investigators, including residency programs, fellowship programs, nursing, pharmacy, and performance improvement.  Through this network communication it serves to facilitate scholarly activity within and between sites and departments.  The group also serves as a resource for mentors and trainees alike and works to host the annual Advocate Research Forum.

Research Coordinators Network – Our department has identified research coordinators throughout the system in order to keep them informed, educated, and connected within the Advocate research community. 

Contact us at or 630.929.6129 with any questions you may have.

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