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Ayumi Oda, PharmD

Residency: 2014-2015
Education:Midwestern University, 2014
Interests: Emergency Medicine, Critical Care

Zhen Ou, PharmD

Residency: 2014-2015
Education: University of Illinois at Chicago, 2014
Interests: Infectious Diseases, Cardiology

Joey Lam, PharmD

Residency: 2013-2014
Education: University of Illinois at Chicago, 2013

My residency training at Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center (AIMMC) exceeded my expectations. I worked with amazing preceptors who pushed me to become a better pharmacist. They encouraged and supported my growth into a more experienced and independent clinician. The people that I have encountered during my time at AIMMC continue to inspire me through their dedication and enthusiasm for teaching. I’ve learned so much from everyone here and I’m thankful to have worked with so many skilled practitioners.

Erin Quinn, PharmD

Residency: 2013-2014
Education: Midwestern University, 2013

The Illinois Masonic residency program has helped me become well prepared to work as a clinical pharmacist in the hospital setting. I greatly appreciated the guidance I received from my preceptors, as well as the flexibility I was given to tailor my rotation schedule to meet my interests. I particularly enjoyed my infectious disease rotation, and was able to complete an advanced infectious disease rotation later in the year with a focus on HIV. This allowed me to work more closely with patients both in the inpatient and the clinic setting. The program offers a variety of learning opportunities with inpatients, the ambulatory care setting and staffing requirement, and I believe it was all of these opportunities that allowed me to achieve my goal of obtaining a clinical pharmacist position by the end of my residency.

Anita Lammers, PharmD

Residency: 2012-2013
Education: University of Illinois at Chicago, 2012

The residency program at Illinois Masonic has prepared me to become a confident clinical pharmacist in various practice areas, including inpatient and outpatient settings. After my residency, my pharmacist training has been significantly accelerated, which is a true testament to the level of high quality PGY-1 training at IMMC. One of the characteristics that drew me to this program was being able to learn from highly trained, Board Certified preceptors. In addition, my Residency Director and Residency Coordinator were able to tailor my rotations to accommodate my interests, allowing me to gain enough oncology experience to be able to staff confidently in the oncology clinic and on the oncology inpatient unit.

Dan Gum, PharmD

Residency: 2012-2013
Education: Midwestern University, 2012

My year at Illinois Masonic provided me with the opportunity to gain clinical experience in a number of different areas from experienced preceptors, which has helped me become a well-rounded pharmacist. One of the most valuable parts of being a resident at Illinois Masonic were the preceptors and their commitment to helping me achieve my goals and become a better pharmacist.

Sanna Kanjee, PharmD, BCPS

Residency: 2011-2012
Education: Purdue University, 2011

During my residency year at Illinois Masonic Medical Center, I learned more about how to apply my clinical knowledge than all four years of pharmacy school. Thanks to all the wonderful residency trained preceptors, I was able to identify my clinical strengths and work towards my weaknesses. The highlight of my residency was working with the family practice and infectious diseases team. I was able to integrate into the team and contribute my recommendations about appropriate medication dosing and adequate treatment for chronic disease states. There were so many opportunities presented to me during my residency year, including conducting a prospective research study, conducting a CE accredited seminar, and participating in the teaching certificate program. I enjoyed my residency year and I am well prepared for my clinical staff pharmacist position due to the extensive training I received at IMMC!

Lisa Kohoutek, PharmD, BCPS

Residency: 2010-2011
Education: University of Illinois at Chicago, 2010

Upon completion of my residency year, I was able to practice confidently and independently as a clinical pharmacist. I was also able to obtain board certification at my earliest eligibility just a few months later. Both of these achievements speak greatly to the high quality of resident training at IMMC. The knowledgeable and experienced preceptors of IMMC’s pharmacy residency program guided me to become a well-rounded practitioner with a solid foundation in hospital pharmacy practice.

Michael Blecker, PharmD, BCPS

Residency: 2009-2010
Education: Arnold and Marie Schwartz College of Pharmacy, 2009

“My residency at Illinois Masonic has definitely prepared me to work as a clinical/staff pharmacist in a large academic teaching hospital. Honestly, having the preceptors all residency trained (also trained at great sites!) with board certification helped me get A LOT out of the program, definitely more than I would have even thought. It was a great experience and has prepared me 10 fold for my current position and even future clinical coordinator or management positions too.

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