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RN Residency Application Frequently Asked Questions

How can I find out more about Advocate Illinois Masonic?
Please visit  Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center is part of Advocate Healthcare, a Thomson Reuters Top 10 healthcare system and the largest healthcare system in Illinois.  Illinois Masonic is a Thomson Reuters top 100 Hospital, Magnet redesignated in 2012 and winner of numerous awards for associate satisfaction.  Illinois Masonic is a 408-licensed bed teaching hospital in the Lakeview neighborhood on Chicago’s north side.  We have been onboarding newly licensed registered nurses with the RN Residency since February 2006.

How can I find out more about the University HealthSystems Consortium/ American Association of Colleges of Nursing (UCH/AACN) RN Residency?
Please visit to learn more about the UHC/AACN model of RN Residency.

How can I find out more about the units and departments in the Nursing Division?
Please click here to review the different nursing units available at AIMMC.

How many people apply for the RN Residency?  How many residents does your program accept?
Based upon recent recruitment periods, we may have 100-200 applicants (or more) for 10-20 positions.

Do you hire into all Clinical Areas?
We hire RN Residents into vacant nursing positions.  Therefore we may not hire into all clinical areas. We also may extend an offer within a nursing division, such as Med-Surg, rather than a specific unit, with unit placement occurring during the Residency program, based upon unit needs.

Do I need to have passed the NCLEX and have an Illinois License to apply or be accepted into the program?
Those applicants who in their final semester of nursing school or a newly graduated nurse may apply and may be accepted to the program. However, if offered a position you must have your Illinois nursing license before the residency program starts. In accordance with the Illinois Nurse Practice Act, nurses will not be able to work as a “license pending” RN.

***If you are a newly licensed RN with a license issued in another state other than Illinois, you must provide a copy of your Illinois temporary permit (license) in order to start working at AIMMC.

Do you hire Associate Degree nurses?
As of January 1, 2012 the required degree for Registered Nurses is a BSN or above.

What qualities are you looking for in the candidates?
In order to maintain the integrity of our competitive selection process, we refrain from answering this question in detail.  The Clinical Nurse Managers conduct the interviews and base hiring decisions on matching the best candidates to the organization and their individual unit teams.

I am a nurse that’s been out of the workforce for several or more years.  Am I eligible for the RN Residency?
No, the RN Residency provided by UHC/AACN is designed and evaluated for new graduates and newly licensed registered nurses.

I’ve been working in a hospital/home health/nursing home/ambulatory care as an RN.  Am I eligible for the RN Residency?
You are eligible for the RN Residency if you are a new graduate nurse and have not worked in an acute care hospital setting as an RN for any length of time.

Can I include letters of recommendation with my application?
Yes, but be sure to also include the Reference Forms from the application packet.

Who can complete the “Personal” Reference Form?
This Reference Form may be completed by a non-family member of your choice.

Do you need all my transcripts or just the ones from Nursing School?
We need official transcripts to support any earned college credit going towards a listed degree.

I haven’t graduated and therefore I don’t have my complete final transcripts.  What should I do?
We realize our applicants may not have final transcripts.  Please send an official copy of your most recent transcript.  If hired, we will need a copy of your final official transcript for your file.

How do I complete the Unit Preference Sheet?
Select your top 3 unit choices overall by marking the box with a 1, 2 and 3.  Please only make 3 selections.

Would I be considered for a position on a unit that was not marked as one of my “top 3” on the Unit Preference Sheet?
Our interviews are conducted by panels of Nurse Managers from the same division, i.e. Med-Surg, Critical Care, etc.  Therefore, you could potentially be considered for a unit that was not one of your “top 3.”  Keep in mind that we place a high priority on matching the desired candidates with their top choices.

I have not received the PEP (Patient Experience Profile) after submitting the online application.  What should I do?
Please allow 5-7 business days to receive the PEP via email.  The distribution of the PEP is a manual process performed by Human Resources.  If you have not received the PEP after the 7th business day of submitting your online application, please contact HR Direct at 847-685-1447. Please keep in mind, the PEP is occasionally routed to the spam folder. Prior to calling, please double check this folder.

I did not pass the PEP.  What does this mean?
The Patient Experience Profile is an assessment tool utilized by Advocate Human Resources.  Successful completion of the PEP is a requirement for moving forward in the application process. If you fail the PEP, you may re-apply in 6 months.

I applied online and went back online to review the status of my application and the history has disappeared.  What happened?
The online job posting is removed after the application deadline date which also removes that history.  If you’ve successfully applied, your application will be reviewed.

Can I visit Illinois Masonic and tour the nursing units?
Candidates selected for an interview will have the opportunity to tour the nursing units.

How many candidates to you interview?  How are those candidates notified?
We interview as many qualified candidates as we can in our timeframe.  This has typically been around 60 candidates.  These candidates are notified via phone 1-2 weeks prior to the interview date.

How are the interviews conducted?
The interviews are conducted via a panel of Nurse Managers from the same division.  Staff nurses and Assistant Clinical Managers may also participate in the interviewing process.  Each candidate selected will interview the Panel(s) and with Human Resources.

When do you make your final decision?
We make every effort to finalize the offers within one month of concluding the interviews.  Job offers are made via phone and regret letters are sent after all of the offers are confirmed.

If I am not selected, can I reapply to the next cohort?
You may apply again as long as you remain eligible for the RN Residency.  You will be required to submit a new application on-line but we will re-use your original packet when you re-interview.  You should update and provide a new resume if needed.

Can I apply for any other nursing positions at Illinois Masonic, other than the Nurse Clinician I / RN Residency?
No, The RN Residency is the only way for new graduate nurses to onboard to nursing positions at Illinois Masonic.  We have historically had residency cohorts beginning in February and the summer.

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