Health Risk Assessments

Awareness is key when it comes to your health. Evaluating your pain and knowing your estimated risks of developing certain diseases can lead to effective treatment sooner. Take one of our health risk assessments to determine what level of care is right for you.

Take our Heart Health Assessment to learn your risk.

Heart Health Assessment

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in America, and knowing your risk of developing it can help you lower your chances. Take our Heart Health Assessment to estimate your risk, determine your controllable and uncontrollable risk factors and receive guidance on what to do next. If you need care, our experts at the renowned Advocate Heart Institute can help. Learn more.

Take our Heart Health Assessment

Take our Heart Health Assessment to learn your risk.

Breast Health Assessment

Our Breast Health Assessment estimates your five-year and lifetime risks of developing breast cancer. Knowing your chances may lead you to routine screenings – a critical first step in a battle against the disease. Advocate Health Care understands waiting for mammogram results can be stressful, so we offer appointments and results same-day. Learn more.

Take our Breast Health Assessment

Take our Colorectal Health Assessment

Colorectal Health Assessment

Colon and rectal cancer is the third most common cancer among men and women in the U.S. If detected early, the disease usually responds well to treatment. Take our Colorectal Health Assessment to determine your estimated lifetime risk and whether an evaluation is recommended for you. Advocate Health Care makes it easy to schedule a screening and saves you time and money by offering direct access to colonoscopies without a prior visit to a gastroenterologist. Learn more.

Take our Colorectal Health Assessment

Take our Diabetes Assessment.

Diabetes Assessment

Diabetes can lead to other serious health problems if left untreated, including heart disease, stroke and blindness. Our Diabetes Assessment estimates your risk of developing the disease and determines which of your risk factors are controllable. If you are at risk, trust your care to Advocate Health Care physicians, whose approach to diabetes focuses on ensuring patients’ well-being, promoting healthy lifestyles and offering support. Learn more.

Take our Diabetes Assessment

Take our Joint Pain Assessment.

Joint Pain Assessment

Knee and hip pain does not have to interfere with your life because proper treatment can give you the relief that you need. Take our Joint Pain Assessment to evaluate your knees and hips, gauge the severity of your issues and figure out what you could do moving forward. Advocate Health Care experts can use your results to create a treatment plan and lead you to a new, pain-free lifestyle. Learn more.

Take our Joint Pain Assessment

Take our Back & Neck Pain Assessment.

Back & Neck Pain Assessment

Back and neck pain can have a big effect on your life, and lasting and/or severe discomfort along your spine could indicate a serious problem. Our Back and Neck Pain Assessment evaluates your spine function and identifies your spine pain symptoms and risk factors. You will receive recommendations on what to do next based on your results. When it comes to treating back and neck discomfort, our specialists can help you return to the activities you love. Learn more.

Take our Back & Neck Pain Assessment

Take our Lung Health Assessment.

Lung Health Assessment

Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer death in America, and screening for the disease can have substantial benefits for many of those who are at risk. Our Lung Health Assessment will help you identify your risk factors and determine whether a lung cancer evaluation is right for you. Advocate Health Care offers a quick screening that can detect the disease early when treatment is most effective. Learn more.

Take our Lung Health Assessment

Take our Prostate Health Assessment.

Prostate Health Assessment

Prostate cancer is the second most common type of cancer among men in the U.S. and becomes increasingly common later in life. Regular screenings can help detect the disease early. Find out whether you are at risk using our Prostate Health Assessment, which will also offer screening recommendations. If testing is needed, Advocate Health Care experts can help you receive the comprehensive diagnostic services you deserve. Learn more.

Take our Prostate Health Assessment

Take our Stroke Risk Assessment.

Stroke Risk Assessment

Up to 80 percent of strokes are preventable, and many of the risk factors are controllable. Take our Stroke Risk Assessment to estimate your chance of experiencing one and learn about the ways you could minimize it. Advocate Health Care is home to top experts who not only provide the highest level of stroke care but also are dedicated to prevention. Learn more.

Take our Stroke Risk Assessment